Here are 13 inspirational quotes for the next week, I think that would be super helpfull.

In the next 13 days I will post an image and talk about her, about what she transmits and helped me. I hope it helps you to..


This image has always reflected me a lot.

I always wanted to do good for everyone around me, I always wanted to help in everything I could. Many times I ended up being harmed, I ended up being hurt and bad, because of the evil of others.

But I always wanted to help. I always did my best to see the ones I love most happy, because that make me happy in the same way. I know we can and we have the ability to change the lives of others, we can leave them with a smile on their faces, and is there a better feeling than that?
We have to always try to leave the other good, I believe that one day that good will be returned.

However... we have to think that we cannot accommodate everyone either, we cannot be others' carriers. We also have feelings and we also have less good days, and THAT IS OK!!!
We are human beings and we have to think above all about our good and our well being, and only afterwards about others. Nothing prevents us from helping, but we also have to be well in order to help.

Please if you read this, think of you and help you first, love you first, take care of you. You matter, you're the most important person of your life.