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Since last time I did a book tag (you can find the article down below), today I decided to make one about tv shows.

It was actually quite difficult because I watch so many tv shows and some of my favorites are still missing in this list.

However, I did my best and I hope to give you some inspiration! If you want to write an article similar to mine, please tag me in it. 🌻
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1. Favorite tv show

funny image sherlock image bbc, Martin Freeman, and john watson image bbc, sherlock, and tv show image
Sherlock (so difficult to choose only one)

2. Favorite character of a Tv Show

tv show, bellamy, and blake image gif image the100 and bellamyblake image the 100 and octavia image
Bellamy Blake 💙 (The 100)

4. A Tv Show that you thought you wouldn't like but you ended up liking it

breaking bad, money, and walter white image Image removed anxiety, breaking bad, and funny image breaking bad, jesse, and lab image
Breaking Bad (I love it actually)

5. Character of a Tv Show that you don't like anything about

fish mooney, Gotham, and dc comics image gif, Gotham, and fish mooney image
Fish Mooney (Gotham)

6. A character from a Tv Show that you would like to play

outer banks, madison bailey, and kiara carrera image outer banks, jj, and kiara image outer banks image kiara, outer banks, and obx image
Kiara (Outer Banks)

7. A tv show in which you would live

friends, quotes, and I Love You image friends, central perk, and coffee image friends, 90s, and quotes image friends, 90s, and chandler image

8. Tv Show that you have abandoned

Image by Diamond girl blake lively, Chace Crawford, and gossip girl image
Gossip Girl

9. Favorite relationship

reign image mine, reign, and frary image reign, toby regbo, and adelaide kane image reign and frary image
Mary & Francis (Reign)

10. Tv show with your favorite soundtrack

florence, tv show, and cosimo image florence, tv show, and lorenzo image florence, tv show, and lorenzo image beautiful, italy, and city image
I Medici - Masters of Florence (Paolo Buonvino's soundtrack)

11. Most underrated tv show

inspiration, time travel, and tv show image inspiration, time travel, and tv show image

12. Most rewatched tv show

eternal, nina, and sexy image joseph morgan image vampire, the vampire diaries, and stefan salvatore image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and elena gilbert image
The Vampire Diaries (when I was younger)

13. A tv show with a good photography

peaky blinders image peaky blinders and love image inspiration, thomas shelby, and tv show image aesthetic, peaky blinders, and car image
Peaky Blinders

14. Guilty pleasure

Image by Taehyung_BTS//82 chinese, drama, and wallpaper image Image by Sofi Valencia Image by Private User
Meteor Garden (and I regret nothing)

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