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What is going to happen? Are Demon Thoughts running rampant in your brain? Tiny Devil and Tiny Angel sitting on your shoulders?

For many of us this is the battlefield we endure each day. Now add the issues with Covid-19 and many of us are mentally and physically exhausted!

So what do we do? Knowing is half the battle! Read on Son!

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Anxiety is your body’s response to stress, and many times coincides with a change in your life. Essentially, it is a fear of what the future holds. The Unknown, to many people, is mentally crippling and with it Stress levels skyrocket.

So Whether it is…

-First Day of School

-Starting a New Job

-Coronavirus or a Pandemic

-Moving to a New Place or State

-Loss of a Loved One (Person or Pet)

These all can induce Stress and Anxiety for most people and are relatively normal for the most part. Everyone gets nervous when making change in life, as most of us are creatures of habit, and our habits can breed security.

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We have to talk about Stress when we discuss Anxiety. The two go hand in hand.

So what is stress? Stress can be a physical, mental, and/or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. It can be external and internal and most of us have experienced it at one time or another in our lives.

Although, not all stress is bad. For example, the flight or fight response to rid yourself of a dangerous situation. Or the stress involved cramming for a test or job interview, these events cause us to step up our game so to speak.

What’s the Difference between Stress and Anxiety?

Technically, Stress is the reaction to a situation happening right now, as opposed to Anxiety which is the reaction to a future situation that may or may not happen.
However, one can cause the other and the physical symptoms are almost interchangeable.

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ONE DAY AT A TIME – Remember to stay in the present, stop looking back or forward, but try to enjoy today. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.

SIMPLE THINGS – Take delight in what God created, does Mr. Marbles up above not bring you a smile? Enjoy small pleasures you use to enjoy.

NATURE – Go for a walk and connect to Mother Earth, Cities/Houses that’s man made garbage. Immerse yourself with trees and birds. Bring your camera!

EXERCISE – One of the best things you can do for yourself. Releases endorphins, sweat out toxins, promotes better sleep, and builds self confidence.

ADOPT A PET – They need a home! Studies have shown simply petting a dog or cat reduces stress and anxiety. Helps with loneliness.
Volunteer – Take the focus off yourself and help someone else (people or pet), Karma has a way of helping you when you help someone else. (Remember it is a 15 year commitment and costs)

POSITIVE TALK – Out loud, all through the day. Will be awkward at first, but keep at it. “I am blessed”, “I am confident”, “I am strong”, “I am attractive” or similar positive mantras when you hear them out loud, they can help destroy the negative thoughts and fear that tend to crop up.

EAT RIGHT – Too much sugar or caffeine is not good for anyone, try eating more organic plant-based options. If you are trying to lose weight, drink a full glass of water before eating each meal.

JOIN A GROUP – Don't walk alone. There are thousands of Mental Health groups on social media, find one and share your story.

TRY C-B-D – Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, omegas and amino acids, C-B-D may help your system function properly and has a calming effect.

Overall, remember you are not alone. Millions suffer with anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Learn and educate yourself about it, try some tips mentioned here or create your own.

More Importantly, you can and will overcome this.

Remember, Each day is the first day of the rest of your life!