"I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color"
โ€” Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
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If this quote describes you, worry no more dear reader, you just came to the right place. You probably want to know how to look super dark and gothic, so let's see some of my favorite items:

Tights and Stockings

You can just wear fishnet tights or regular tights, or stockings, or even these super cool printed leggings with bats. Depends on the rest of your outfit, and the need to dress it down. Oh, and fishnets. Lots of it.

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Image by hikaru beauty, fashion, and girl image


Even when going for a more grungy stlye, having a good posture and a feminine figure, along with a refined and disciplined appearance is indispensable to me. A tight corset just does that, and when I say tight I mean it.

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Breathing is unimportant, vampires live on blood, not oxygen.

(On a serious note though, corsetting can potentially be dangerous, read up on the topic and proceed only with caution.)

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Still, for your motivation: just observe this beautiful garment. I can feel her chest heave against the constraining steel bones of the corset.


Just wear some boots, the more gothic, the better. Like these ones that even have bat wings. Or just simple black boots.

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You may think you're not a horse and therefore unnecessary, but this accessory is a staple for a badass gothic outfit, too, you fasten it on a top and you go from eveningwear to Halloween dress. If you're thinking it's too much and looking for more conventional stuff, this article isn't for you.

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Although tights and stockings are preferred, a sheer top with a cool harness do wonders even to high-waisted skinny pants.


For those still bearing with us: we're not talking about cute chokers here, either. I prefer a rather thick leather collar, complete with rings attached, fitted comfortably yet snug around the neck.

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You may wonder, what exactly their purpose is, but I'm not sure either.
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Leather straps, belts, harnesses, collars, chokers, bracelets, anything goes, just strap on. Literally.

Bat Sleeves

Nothing brings your inner bat to expression more than wearing something with ostentatious bat sleeves, or straightforward a bat costume. As you can observe below, you can even end up with a most elegant result, a desirable choice for a formal evening out.

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Vampire Fangs

Put in one those long, sharp fangs and flaunt them like you don't care. But a true professional is born with these, anyway. Whatever, just brush them regularly.

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What would be a true gothic outfit without a matching handbag or backpack? Check out these bat and cat-shaped ones, for example. They're kinda cute, as well.

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Getting Fancy

Lest we forget gothic is not only about grunge, here are some outfit ideas that will make you the queen of any party you crash: skirts and classy dresses. You could of course don one of those bat sleeved dresses as well.

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As you can see we included multiple items from the above list: collars, corsets, harnesses and other wonderful dark stuff
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A perfect gothic outfit can also be just a bodycon minidress.
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Bodysuit for a summer party?
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One of my all-time favorites.
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Wanna get married or just looking for something gorgeous for church on Sunday?
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And of course, nobody's stopping you from dressing up completely as a bat. But you'd need some serious corset training to fit in these dresses, so take your time. Also, you may need to buy a time machine to get these costumes.
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Release your inner dark vampire
my collection for further ideas


I don't know what to write here, let the pictures speak for themselves.

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If your wardrobe looks like this by now, condraculations, you've mastered the gothic look. In case not ... you're still not getting the idea, are you?

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A lair

Unless you want to move to a bat-cave to live with your soulmates, I recommend something cozy, like an abandoned Victorian mansion, with a slight draft and creaking doors. Grab some black paint and a brush to make it more livable. And buy a lot of cat food, you'll need it.

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This could be your home, too, that is, you're a 19th c. Transylvanian aristocrat. A count or something.


I know you might think this list a bit too extreme and I feel you. But then again, you could try something very simple like this for everyday wear and it's just as cool as the ones above. I shall write another article later on black outfits with beautiful high heels and the like for you.

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P.S. don't be a heathen, really. Just look at this lady how cool she looks going to church. You're welcome.

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