Hi beautiful people.
I really would love to meet new people all around the World. I don't care what nationality, race, gender,religion, sexuality, If you are open-minded and can talk about everything than text me pls. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Instagram: @idonthaveaname2594

About me:
-I'm a girl
-my name is Bojana.
-i'm 15 years old. My birthday is 21.9.2004 so i will be soon 16.
- I'm a Virgo.
-i'm originally from Serbia but i live in Germany since 2013.
- I love Dancing, singing,playing drums, playing piano, playing basketball, drawing, writing.
- i perform on stages since 2013, i sing and dance.
- i like having good vibes, go out, have fun etc.
- my goals are to Travel all around the World.
- i'm a Kpop fan and i love BTS ha ha i'm an ARMY since 2013. (everything is 2013 yoo 😂)
- i watch Kdramas, action movies etc.
- I'm a gamer girl.
- i speak Serbian, German, English.

If you have other questions, you are welcome to ask ( You can text me here or Insta ). Have a nice Day!😊