Hi deeearss !

I'm glad to see you again (or welcome), I'm excited to launch the Safe Place account, thank for your contributions and sharings :)

WHI Safe Place is a collaborative account and writers team dedicated to taboo-less talk about mental health and self-care. Many subjects could be covered in our articles as dealing with anxiety, incertitude, perfectionnism, depression, eating disorders, etc but also how to give yourself more self-love.

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Beyond the articles we’ll write, one of the main purpose of the account is to let YOU open your heart about your self-love journey. That’s why we propose you to share your story, under your WHI name or anonymously, in order to help other people that could pass through the same things you did / you are dealing with.

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The Safe Place has no pretention to replace a therapist, of course ! Don’t hesitate to ask help to a professional or an association (free) if needed, that’s a serious advice. Hopefuly we’ll help at our level, but still, we’re not the professionals in here, it’s important for me to precise it.

If you wanna share your story and give advices to other people

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I’ll be glad to see you as a part of the project. Thank you very much for contributing.

Send you love,

- Astrid