I haven't posted in a while cause first I was on vacation and then I had a lot of things going on. anyway, I'm back and I'm bored rn so I'm gonna answer some questions about me.


1. sweet or savoury ?

food, strawberry, and dessert image food, aesthetic, and drink image

2. lemonade or orange juice?

drink image coffee, drink, and lemonade image

3. what's your dream job and why?

coffee, study, and glasses image newspaper, vintage, and aesthetic image
journalist because I think it's very important in our society to inform people about what's going on in the world and bc sometimes some people don't have access to information and I wanna change that.
Image by 𝑁𝑢𝑢𝑟♕ Image by 𝑁𝑢𝑢𝑟♕
or a photographer because I absolutely LOVE photography and I think it truly is an art

4. which animal would you be if you could ?

bird, sky, and photography image animals, sunrise, and wander image
tbh any kind of bird, just because I feel like it it would be so satisfying to fly

5. If time travel was a thing, which year would you travel to ?

Image by Private User Image by Private User
somewhere in the 90s :)

6. top 3 places you wanna visit?

europe, summer, and theme image adventure, boats, and buildings image
aesthetic, city, and landscape image city and view image
nature, aesthetic, and green image green, nature, and tropical image
amazon forest

7. last movie you saw?

Elle Fanning, justice smith, and all the bright places image Elle Fanning, justice smith, and all the bright places image
all the bright places ;(

8. what would you name your kids?

adorable, babies, and beautiful image aesthetic, asian, and baby image
no idea !

9. how many pets do you want?

dog, puppy, and animal image dog, cute, and animal image
maybe one dog

10. what languages do you wanna learn?

color, fashion, and italy image book image
Italian and German

11. do you have a secret talent?

desserts, bake, and baked image hearts, love, and food image
it's not a talent and it's not secret lol but baking!

12. would you rather be a fairy or a mermaid?

hand, occult, and light image mermaid image
probably a mermaid!

13. do you like to study?

books, college, and exam image aesthetic, home, and interior image
only subjects that I like haha

14. last album you listened to?

beautiful, singer, and cool image Image removed
folklore by Taylor swift ofc! I had it on repeat since it's been released :)

15. do you have a best friend?

Image by Ayşe Nur gif, tumblr, and aesthetic image
not really

16. last tv show you watched?

Nina Dobrev image vampire, aesthetic, and dark image
the vampire diaries

17. single or taken?

love, couple, and hug image couple, love, and bike image

18. do you have posters in your room?

aesthetic and room image aesthetic, art, and flowers image
nope, just some pictures

that's it, thanks for reading !

have a good day and stay safe