Hello my beautiful people from all over the globe.
ARMY is a fandom name for BTS's fans, if you do not know. And BTS aka Bangtan Boys, are like one of the biggest boybands in the world.

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My journey with them started back in 2016, when my brother came home from school and told me that he heard about this thing called BTS and that he wanted to check it out. So we googled them together and started listening to their song called "Fire"

After this I kinda started watching some youtube videos with them, watched some interviews, but I wasn't yet into their music that much.

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Then, a couple of months later I lost someone so precious for me. And when he passed away I suffered from depression. This is when I first started really getting into bangtan.
I remember how I listened to the song "Hold me tight" and started crying. I didn't even know what the lyrics meant. I just felt the warmth of the song and cried my heart out.

After becoming a fan, I thought that maybe I could use my writing skills and open a fanfiction account. So, that is what I did. I opened an acc on instagram @comelyjimin (you could follow me) and started writing imagines and fanfictions there.

Believe me or not, but this guys have helped me come through a lot, and I am beyond thankful for that.

Now before you ask, here are some answers to yout questions.
bias: Namjoon
bias wrecker: all of them seriously
fave song: hold me tight, sea, ddaeng
fave album: Wings
fave title song: I need you
fave MV: Run, On

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.♡

- Love Yourself