The summer is slowly going to an end. I still have a big month free before going back to uni but I thought it will be great to reflect on what this period taught me.

DISCLAIMER: I know the current world situation is really complicated. This is what I learned from my very own experience. You might not agree with me and that's totally okay.

Health is the most important

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COVID-19 is something to take seriously. So many people died and many others struggle to get back on track. I am so thankful that me, my family and my loved ones did not catch the virus.

The only thing I will say about COVID-19 situation: wear masks, wash your hands, keep a distance with people. There are 3 basic concepts. I believe that from now on we will have to live with the virus around so wear your mask: it is NOT difficult to breathe with a mask on.

I should take care of myself first

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The quarantine gave me time to reflect on myself, what I want, what I like and what to do. And this is really something everyone should do. It helps with getting everything on track.

From now on, I mostly focus on my goals :

  • Learning korean
  • Doing sport
  • Educate myself outside of university

It may look like "little" goals but there is a start everywhere. You won't become a powerful businesswoman if you don't take small steps first.

I can do everything I want to do

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This goes with the one before. The quarantine gave me time to focus on my goals. So, I can officially say that I went to beginner in korean to intermediate. I also have a body I like even though I am not like the Instagram fitgirl.

I am a coward when it comes to love someone

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Guess who has a crush on someone and can't even send a text to say "hi !" ? Me obviously...

You may have read my article about that Tinder date I went to.

This article.

Well, months after, I spend the day with an old crush (like a crush I had when I was 8 or 9) and my heart went crazy once again..

You might say "Go girl ! Confess your love to this guy" but that's really scary let's be honest. And.. also, our families knows each other so if I get rejected, I will feel so awkward around him (even if I see him once every 10 years).

I am true friends that love me as much as I love them

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When quarantine started, I decided that I won't send messages to everyone and see how continue talking with me. Well, toxic people vanished all by themselves and I realized that I have true friends who know and understand me.

Let's be cheesy for a second but having real friends is really something. You can just send a text and they will answer right away. That may be weird but I never felt this close to my friends. Quarantine was really something for my friendships.

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