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Welcome to the first article of #Journalofawriter, in this section we will be talking about writing tips, and everything related of being a writer.

So, sometimes when we have to start planning a new storie, we have doubts about which literary genre to choose, so today I bring you a test to discover wich genre it´s better for you!

Let´s begin!

1- What do you look for in a book?

a. Travel through time, meet characters from other times and learn.
b. Let my imagination fly, let me feel different emotions and dream.
c. Analyze problems, reflect and have fun.
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2- What kind of magazines do you read?

a. News, fashion and entertainment.
b. Science, technology, nature and tourism.
c. Comics.
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3- What do you do in your free time?

a. Watch movies, eat and travel.
b. Dancing, watching series and surfing the internet.
c. Visit museums and share moments with my friends.
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4- What is your favorite genre for watching movies?

a. Satire and history.
b. Romance, fantasy and science fiction.
c. Drama and comedy.
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5- When you finish a book you feel ...

a. Sad and melancholic.
b. Satisfied and excited.
c. Eager to continue reading.
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6- To read a book you prefer:

a. A glass of wine.
b. Juice or water.
c. Coffee or tea.
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7- If you could choose today a place in the world where would you travel?

a. Greece: for its contribution to culture, religion, architecture and history.
b. Japan: for its contribution to technology, automotive development and video games.
c. Mexico: for its cultural and gastronomic diversity.
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  • If most of your answers are A:
Your literary genre is lyrical (poetry) : This genre is characterized by showing reality from feelings and emotions.
  • If most of your answers are B:
The literary genre with which you most identify is the narrative: This style is characterized by telling imaginary, fictional or real-life stories. It usually uses a narrator who puts the reader in context about the spaces, time, characters and development of the story.
  • If most of your answers are C:
Your literary genre is the dramatic (theater) : This type of work usually presents details such as physical expressions, tones of the voice, the environment, characteristics of the characters and the problems in which they develop.
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I hope you loved it! See you soon with a new article.

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