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e-books or physical books?

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physical books

paperbacks or hardbacks?

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honestly, not my thing. i'd rather read from a physical book or even an e-book

online or in-store shopping?

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in-store shopping

libraries or bookstores?

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borrow or buy?

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used books?

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i love reading from used books!

trilogies or series?

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i don't have a preference as such

series or standalones?

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long or short books?

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i don't have a preference

heroes or villains?

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characters or plot?

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top three genres?

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thriller, mystery, romance

our world or fictional?

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fictional world ANY DAY

dystopia or sci-fi?

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books you want to read?

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holding up the universe by jennifer niven and where the crawdads sing by delia owens are two of the many books!

last book you read

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nemesis by agatha christie

what are you reading right now?

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one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus

what books do you want to read?

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a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith // the goldfinch by donna tartt // we all looked up by tommy wallach // the storied life of a.j. fikry by gabrielle zevin

do you use a bookmark?

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