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⇀ ☤ CODE NAME : The Valar

⇀ ☤ BIRTH : OCTOBER 8 1989/ ██████ , ITALY

⇀ ☤ ABILITIES : Mind control and illusion. Francesca's powers require her to narrate and describe everything about the illusion she's creating in a gibberish language that she invents as she is speaking it into reality. She has to make up words and assign meaning to them so the illusion works. Her illusions are very powerful, people can be transported into different worlds or be stabbed to death while they're actually just sitting in a Starbucks

⇀ ☤ SPECIALTIES : Manipulation, Undercover Work, Physical Combat

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☤ IDENTIFIABLE FEATURES : Francesca is known for the brown freckles and moles scattered all around her body. She has a pin up nose, pouty lips and cloudlike curly brown hair. Her eyes are hazel and turn yellow depending on the light.

⇀ ☤ PERSONALITY : Francesca is an extremely sensitive person and was the first one to pick up on the most sombre aspects of their life at Chatham Estate. She has a talent for reading people and picking up on minor details in their mannerisms and eyes. Because she was the first one to understand the nature of their situation, Francesca took a protective motherly role very soon in her life. She felt like she had to be vigilant for her siblings, and often wandered away from the group to investigate the house and their father, checking if there was any danger lurking around. Although she was the first to mistrust him, and still holds a lot of hurt and resentment against him, Francesca is very loving of their father. She's a simple girl, she receives love and understanding, she's attached to who gave it to her forever. Her biggest conflict is that she wants to protect her siblings and she knows that the way they're treated is abusive and harmful but she can't bring herself to hold her father accountable or cut ties with him. Most of her life she found herself, along with her siblings, making excuses for his behavior. Over both fear and a sense of duty, Francesca kept quiet most of her life.

When she's comfortable, Fran is love for her mischievous playful persona. She's naturally curious and loves to explore and go deep into things. She's known for giving out extremely good advice and being the best at comforting and nursing her siblings. On several occasions where her siblings were hurt or traumatized, she sung good illusions for them, illusions of lives full of warmth and simplicity instead or murder mayhem and luxury. She's got an untameable spirit and would fight to the death for the people she loves.

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⇀ ☤ BIRTH : OCTOBER 8 1989/ ██████ ,VIETNAM

⇀ ☤ ABILITIES : Everything inside Duyen’s skin is made of a deeply acid destructive bright green goo. To use this characteristic against people, Duyen made tiny cuts against her skin and made herself puke. Her biological mother died when she was a baby after she vomited on her.

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☤ IDENTIFIABLE FEATURES : Duyen has incredibly straight dark hair that she likes to put in braided pig tails. She has big cheeks, a chiseled jaw bone and full heart shaped lips. Her eyes are deep black.

⇀ ☤ PERSONALITY : Duyen is probably the most traumatized out of all the siblings. Due to the nature of her powers, she had to deal with a lot of physical and emotional pain from a young age, she loved her father a lot, so even when her father cut her wrist for the first time during practice and she freaked out, she told herself that it was okay and that she was being too dramatic. That's how she spent the following years, in a constant state of freaking out, scared and in pain and trying to repress and invalidate those feelings. This gives her a sort of manic, brash energy. She speaks very directly, and whenever you talk to Duyen you'll get this feeling that there is something inside of her trying to burst out that she is always pushing to the back of her throat. For all her repression, Duyen is the sibling who has the most vulnerable moments when she is with her siblings. Having known her her whole life, her siblings are not bullshitted by this 'I'm Fine' persona she puts on, therefore as time went by she simply dropped it. Duyen screams and cries and has a lot of meltdowns when she's alone with her siblings, because it is the only time she is able to properly react to all the stress and fear she goes through in her daily supervillain life. Even with all this trauma, Duyen manages to be an ride or die partner for her siblings, she has a big interest in fashion and animals

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⇀ ☤ BIRTH ; OCTOBER 8 1989/ ██████ , NIGERIA

⇀ ☤ ABILITIES ; Naija has the ability to know someone's location solely by their scent. She see's the world kind of like a spider web of interconnected scents. Once she knows someone's or something's location she doesn't even have to look where she's going she automatically knows the way to them.

⇀ ☤ SPECIALITIES : Physical Combat, Knife throwing, strategy

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☤ IDENTIFIABLE FEATURES : Naija has very sharp statue like bone structure, she has very long lashes, dark skin and long curly textured hair

⇀ ☤ PERSONALITY ; Out of the Chatham's Naija is probably the most suited for their mercenary life. A true machiavellian survivalist, Naija has a very simple outlook on life, if this is what life demands her to do she will become that best at it. She's not unhappy with her life and is simply grateful she has a roof over her head and a loving father, even if that comes with having to be hurt and hurt other's. Tracker is the best strategist in the group and the best technical fighter. She always tries to take her time with decisions and make them as sharp and well planned. She's a knock you out with one punch kind of girl, and the possibility of error is what really keeps her up at night. She has a big fear that if she isn't perfect, if she isn't the best she'll be thrown out and replaced. This is something that has haunted her ever since she was a tiny girl and really shaped her relationship with her own actions and her father. She's convinced herself she is not as affected by the harm she has caused as much as her siblings in order to continue being the perfect soldier she thinks she needs to be

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⇀ ☤ SPECIALITIES : Archery, Acrobatics

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☤ IDENTIFIABLE FEATURES : Freckles everywhere and wild red hair

⇀ ☤ ABILITIES : Finnegan is able to generate intense heat with his own body,
this intense heat can create fire and lava. He can't be harmed by either. Finn has been kidnapped several times by NASA, and they tried to send him to the sun.

⇀ ☤ PERSONALITY : Finnegan is very fragile and anxious boy. He has a shy and harmless personality that makes his a terribly awkward mercenary. He's just simply not cut out for this. He's a bit slow and very hesitant to speak or do anything. He lives at a very different pace than his siblings and enjoys drifting along his days, simply living life with no ambitions or neurosis. He is easily overwhelmed and can't really control his emotions once they become intense. All the siblings tend to look after him, sharing a mix of protectiveness and fear towards him because of how easily his emotions can trigger his powers.

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⇀ ☤ BIRTH ; OCTOBER 8 1989/ ██████ , CHINA

⇀ ☤ CODE NAME ; Crusher

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⇀ ☤ IDENTIFIABLE FEATURES : Soft delicate bone structure with kind monolid eyes

⇀ ☤ ABILITIES ; Gravity manipulation. Kai can make someone float into the sun like a weightless paper bag or crush them flat like coca cola can, by manipulating the force of gravity

⇀ ☤ SPECIALITIES ; Knife Throwing, Immobilization, Strategy, Agility

⇀ ☤ PERSONALITY : Kai has learned throughout the years to just tune the bad things happening around him and the negative emotions they caused. In his childhood, Kai was a runner, he was always trying to escape their house, he got into fights with their father and their nannies as was just overall a ball of anger, unable to get over the fact that he didn't have a normal life. Eventually he just, got tired. He's the most stable and functional of the siblings, he's come to accept that everything is shit, so he doesn't get sad, angry or panicked. He has a naturally methodical way of thinking, and is a natural at faking and controlling his emotions. Kai has trouble admitting his errors and human flaws, he also tends to be really revengefull and impulsive.

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