For about three months now I have been studying for a huge exam that could help me get into law school. No, I am not excited for the test, but I am excited for it to be over! Normally, when I have regular exams to take, I do not study so rigorously, but this exam is huge. It is called the LSATs and you would think it would ask you law questions, but it feels more similar to the SATs minus the math section.

But lately, it has been giving me very bad test anxiety, but I am so excited for it to be over so I have a chance to breath and to be less worried. Due to the pandemic, I will not be able to do in person testing and have to choose to do it online, but it is important for me to remember that I will do my best and to remember it is a test. It will not be the end of the world if I receive a bad score in my standards.

I cannot wait until it is over and I can move onto to the application process for law school. I did consider posting a Youtube video for my LSAT experience especially during the pandemic, but who knows. Stay tuned!

Thank you!