Hey guys, how are you?
Since I was a little girl I dream with my future house. I still live with my parents and brother, but I really can't wait for when I move to my own house. Soooo why not write about it?
Hope you like it.


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Starting with the hall and the entrance. I always lived in houses, but I love apartments. I dream with them since ever. The hall would be simple, with space to put coats, bags and shoes. I think it's amazing in Korean dramas that they take their shoes off to get into the house. It would be amazing to have a space for this and to have less work to clean the apartment. I would have a small sofa to sit and put on or take off my shoes. I hate having to put my shoes on without having a place to sit.

Living room

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In one of the houses I lived in, the living room was sooo huge. I loved to play there. I would like to have a big living room, with so many sofas and overlooking the city. Ideal for sleepovers or to chill after an exhausting day.


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As I love to cook, my dream kitchen would have everything. And it would be beautiful to have everything black or white.

Dining area

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Without many chairs, without a very large table, just ideal to be able to eat with my friends or my parents and my brother.

Visitors bathroom

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Simple and beautiful

Laundry space

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I am a person who likes space and my laundry need to have space. I have several ways to separate, iron and fold them. I need space to do this.


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Just like the visitors bathroom, simple and beautiful. The corridor leads to the other rooms in the apartment.

Work room

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As I said, I need space to do my things. My work room would have a large table to put my laptop, pens, notebooks and need to have so many drawers. I only have two drawers in my table and I need more. When I work on something, I need light and space to think. Most of the time when I'm writing I get tired of sitting in the same place for a long time, so a couch would be good to make me more excited to write.

Visitors bedroom

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It would be amazing to have sleepovers in the living room, but I also have to think about when my friends sleep over at my house, or my parents, or any other visit. A room with bunk beds and a room with a normal bed would be a very good thing.

Best friend bedroom

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Yes, she needs her own bedroom hahaha. Wendy is my best friend since we was in the school and I said a lot of times that she will have her own bedroom in my house. She can decorate the way she wants, but I know she loves purple, so the room will probably be purple and minimalist. She's not the type of person who likes mess and visual pollution.

Best friend bathroom

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My bedroom

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My room today is where I do everything: work, study, sleep, chill, read, make up, keep my clothes ... everything. I would love to have a room to just sleep and chill. It would probably be sea-green (as it is today) and white, or white with the rest of things in sea-green. I dont know. But needs to have sea-green in something. It's my favorite color.

My bedroom bathroom

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Take off this huge windows hahaha. But I would love to have a bathtub and a huge bathroom.


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I need lots of space to put my clothes on, especially to hang them.
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clothing rail would be very welcome to decide which clothes I would wear the next day or hang them when I'm too lazy to store them in the closet.
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My makeup and nail polish part would be big and bright. I love makeup and nail polish, especially nail polish, so there would have to be a big space for them.


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The balcony would have a small table and one/two chairs to have breakfast or just to read.

Chilling/reading room

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I love hammocks and woulde be wonderful to have a suspended hammock in my chilling room.
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And my books of course.
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And a lot of cushions to lay and read my books or write my stories.

This is my dream house for the future.
You can check more pics about this in this collection:

I hope you enjoyed
Stay safe.

XOXO, Amanda.