sadly, road trips are off the table now, but as soon as i get the chance i'm going on one I DON'T CARE


kyoto by phoebe bridgers

boy, skeleton, and indie image red, glasses, and aesthetic image

bon iver by mxmtoon

chic, violet, and cool image nature and road image

manta rays by chloe moriondo

hair, girl, and blonde image flowers, aesthetic, and tumblr image

september (acoustic cover) by taylor swift

Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ beach, blue, and fashion image

bones by peter bjorn and john

forest and friends image hands image

cherry wine (live) by hozier

girl, wine, and aesthetic image fashion, dark academia, and couple image

chin up by yoke lore

aesthetic, fashion, and girl image Image by Private User

honey by boy pablo

beach, beauty, and girls image 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image

ocean wide by jonah

beach, vintage, and summer image beach, curtains, and indie image

sleep on the floor by the lumineers

couple, love, and bike image aesthetic and shoes image

wherever you are by kodaline

train, travel, and vintage image book, reading, and aesthetic image

august by taylor swift

girl, nature, and river image beach, ocean, and aesthetic image

can i call you tonight? by dayglow

Image by Sasscia Image removed

bruise by yumi zouma

Image removed blue, blue eyes, and eyes image

garden song by phoebe bridgers

alternative, city, and girl image storm, grunge, and sky image

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