I find myself repeating the same response when people ask how I am.
I'm fine, just tired.
over and over again, those words slip out of my mouth or flow through my fingers and onto the keyboard of my phone.
I could get all the sleep in the world and still remain exhausted, stuck on a merry round from hell.
I read this quote once that said something like 'you're chosen to go through what you do because the universe knows you're strong enough'
But the horrible things pile up, like monkeys on your back. And they wear you down, the fight wears you down.
many days I feel like I'm trying to stay above water, barely breaching the surface to suck in sharp breaths of air.
will this feeling ever go away? I don't know.
but the hope that I might get away from all of this one day is that one tiny light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope I can make it there.