1) V.

boy and aesthetic image Image removed aesthetic, aquarius, and astrology image Image by Jennifer De Santis
Month of birth : January || Zodiac sign : Aquarius || Age : 20 || Hair : blonde || Eyes : blue || Particular signs : glasses
gay, pride, and pride flag image boys, equality, and let image ravenclaw image aesthetic, blue, and blue aesthetic image
Sexual orientation : homosexual || Favorite color : blue || Hogwarts house : Ravenclaw
art, pencil, and colors image book, reading, and sunlight image cooking, food, and salt image piano, music, and vintage image
Likes : draw and color, reading, cook and play the piano

2) C.

aesthetic, jughead, and riverdale aesthetic image boy, aesthetic, and love image aesthetic, aries, and astrology image medieval image
Month of birth : March || Zodiac sign : Aries || Age : 20 || Hair : dark brown || Eyes : brown || Particular signs : beard
couple, idea, and photo image harry potter and hufflepuff image hearts, candy, and wallpaper image
Sexual orientation : heterosexual || Favorite color : red || Hogwarts house : Hufflepuff
food and pizza image bed, my, and love image netflix, cozy, and series image book, photography, and vintage image
Likes : eat, sleeping, watching TV series and reading

3) K.

boy image aesthetic, tumblr, and boy image Libra, zodiac, and astrology image aesthetic and glasses image
Month of birth : September || Zodiac sign : Libra || Age : 19 || Hair : light brown || Eyes : blue || Particular signs : glasses
couple, love, and goals image ravenclaw image orange, aesthetic, and fruit image
Sexual orientation : Heterosexual || Favorite color : orange || Hogwarts house : Ravenclaw
concert, money, and ticket image Basketball image app, apps, and Logo image Image by Private User
Likes : concerts, basket, listening to music and travel