-My name is Joana and i am 18 years old.

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-And I come from Portugal.

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-Now let's get into more personal information! So you can know me better:

-I am going to study turism in the University this year. Pretty excited though.

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-I really like to travel, like a lottttt, as you can see. And i would like in the future to get to know more and explore more places and their cultures, especially the architecture and appreciate the different foods that they have in store.

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- I am a funny, chill and a nervous person. That's basically my character.

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-I have suffered from anxiety and depression in the past and i am still trying to get through it.

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-Psycology was one of my intrerests to study in the future, and i enjoyed studying it in the 12º grade because it's intriguing to know us, the human being that well and to understand why we do what we do.

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-Giving advices is my speciality, i enjoy helping others on expressing their emotions and guiding them in their choices.

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-I relly enjoy being alone and at home.

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-My defects is being a little bit too sensitive, overanalyse everything and ovethinking a lot.

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-Photography is my hobby and i love it! Hoping to have something related in my career.

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-I love ART. Especially paintings.

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-I don't understand people.

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-When i was younger i wanted to be a movie director very badly.

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-Producing music is a experience that i wanna try.

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-Making short videos, with different aesthetics is another experience that i am starting to learn and would like to do.

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-I really like to hangout with my friends and help them.

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And that's basically it. Thank you for reading. I hope i was not that boring for you.
Until next time.