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We weren't able to upload a new chapter this week. But we thought we would provide you guys with a little more information on Hearthstone Academy!

Here comes : the clubs!

You might have heard of them if you've followed our story closely, but we thought it was time for a proper introduction.

Clubs are mostly student-lead, but each one is supervised by a teacher, whose role can vary widely depending on the club. The members meet twice a week, except for the debate and newspaper clubs, who meet only once. But the latters can have emergency meetings if necessary.

For the longest time, some clubs were only accessible to male students, such as fencing, track and debate. But in the beginning of the 20th century, female students started to protest against this policy. After years of stern opposition, the school board finally yielded.

Now, most clubs are opened to anyone who wants to participate. They are not mandatory, but they are a good occasion for students to develop their skills, and win extra credit.

So here they are! Enjoy!


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Overseen by Mr Falley, he really invests himself in the members' progress. Anyone can sign up, beginner or not, but the best students can be selected to participate in out-of-school contests.

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Overseen by Miss Calison. She has quite an important role in the club, acting as choir conductor. They give two performances a year : one a capella and one accompanied by the Orchestra. The students simply have to sign up for the club to become members, but solos are given by an internal audition between the members. Those auditions are usually taken care of by Miss Calison herself, and she usually picks her class favourites.


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Overseen by Mr Samuel. This club works pretty much the same way as the Choir club. It also has a solo performance, and are conducted by their teacher.

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Also overseen by Mr Falley. And just like fencing, out-of-school competitions are accessible for the best athletes.

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It is overseen by Mrs. Shaoqi. A dance background is mandatory to be accepted in the club, but appart from that, she leaves the students a great deal of freedom. She selects the music they will dance to and creates the outlines of the choreography, but all in cooperation with the students. Once the ground work is done, she basically leaves them to work, only squeezing in some technical advices.

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Just like Choir and Orchestra, they do two performances a year : a ballet one and a contemporary dance show.


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Overseen by Mr. Anker, he usually just attends the debate and helps the members with their research when they need it.

At the end of every meeting, Mr Anker gives them a theme. During the week, they have to prepare by researching as much as they can about this theme. And when they meet again, they are divided in pairs. Each pair is given a precise question on the theme, and get a turn at debate for 10 minutes. The goal is to learn from your own debate as much as from the others'.

School's Newspaper

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The Hearthstone Chronicles is overseen by Miss Crustflower. But the teacher has decided to leave the members complete freedom, and her only role at this point is to approve new members when they get chosen by the team. The newspaper publishes one issue every two weeks.

For a little more information, and the current staff, read this chapter :


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Overseen by Mr Samuel as well. It performs one play a year, and is another club that is left whith great freedom from its teacher.

At the beginning of the year, Mr. Samuel provides a small list of possible plays, on which the members vote. They then proceed to distribute the roles among themselves, but also hold auditions for smaller roles or extras, chosen among the other students. It's a way for students outside the club to get some extra credit, and if they enjoy their time, they can join the club the following year.

From that point, Mr Samuel simply provides support and guidance when needed and keeps track of the advancement of the preparation.

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And that's it! I hope you liked it! Which club would you join?

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