hi everyone. this is my very first article, and to celebrate that, i wanted to share with you some tips on how to complete your long or short terms goals as efficiently as you can.

➜ first and foremost, make sure you've created some attainable goals for yourself. rank them from most important to least important, and also decide whether they are long-term goals or short-term ones.

➜ for goals you can complete during a single day or a week, create a reasonable checklist (or a to-do list) for yourself. check things off as you complete them; don't wait until you've done several things to do so. do not rely on your own memory.

➜ for long-term goals, make notes and reminders for yourself about the small steps you need to take in order to achieve that goal in the end. you need to highlight every step of the journey to your long-term goal so that you won't confuse yourself with what to do next.

➜ take your time to finish everything on your list, but don't go too slow. pace yourself in a good way so that you can complete each goal, one by one, not all at once, so that you can feel less stressed about whether or not you'll finish everything in time.

➜ think positively when doing things. do not allow yourself to say "i can't do this" or "this is way too hard." do not give up on your goals. you can do this. tell yourself positive affirmations while you are working. your mood will be much better and your attitude towards your goal will greatly improve.

➜ do not ever feel ashamed of completing your goals. be proud of what you want to achieve, and be passionate when you are working towards anything. fight against your own fears. don't let them win. you are much stronger than your fears.

➜ if you cannot seem to focus, get rid of any distractions around you. it could be something as small as turning off the TV, or closing the door to keep some noise away from you. change your workspace if you need to. clutter usually makes people nervous when they need to complete something, so clean up your workspace, light a candle or put on some calming music if you wish. do anything you need to so you can focus on your goals.

➜ if you don't feel like completing something, think about your past successes. how did it feel for you? most people would say they felt great to accomplish that thing and get it off their chests. think about your end result. if it makes you happy, motivate yourself with that feeling of getting it done and enjoying that result. it will feel great, trust me.

➜ if you still do not feel motivated, just try to push yourself to do something towards it. even if it's as small as picking up a pencil and writing a few sentences, just try. trying to do something is better than not doing anything at all. push yourself. get up from that couch or bed. do something. anything is better than nothing.

➜ when you complete a goal, reward yourself! you deserve something nice. go out for ice cream, relax outside, watch an episode of your favorite show, or take a bath. it's always great to give yourself some love when you finish a goal that you are very proud of. again, you deserve it!

➜ always remember: strive for excellence, not perfection. it is okay to make mistakes. it is okay to not know something or to not do something correctly. no one is perfect, not even you. just do the absolute best that you can while still being true to yourself. authenticity is better than "perfection."

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–glo ♡
–glo ♡