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Hello all you guys, gals and non binary pals. As some of my followers know I decided that once a week maybe Fridays, I will make a article like this but with different themes. Themes may consists of other fandoms characters, my OCs, films and TV shows on a whole plus more. This is the third in that series. This is...


So that being said lets get into it.

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➸ Scott McCall

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➸ Stiles Stilinski

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➸ Derek Hale

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Thank you all for reading to the end.I would have included more like Peter and Chris, but I couldn't find any aesthetics for them though I will be doing a part 2 with the likes of Mason and Liam eventually. If you did enjoy, please could you like the article and maybe follow me or my article collection for more articles like this one.

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In the mean time remember stay safe and I love you. Byeeee.


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