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since i was a child until now i watch disney movie and i love them, but few days ago i saw one of disney movie and there's somethings that cut my attention and actually don't make sense!! so i desided to make a series abou it .

So let me start with "tangled"

1. did her parents really search the entire kingdom if they do how they don't see this long big tour and if they see it why they don't search it??

disney and rapunzel tower image Image by Leexie Arzate 👙☕🥀🕯️

2. in the tower did rapunzel asks herself how there is no door then did she wonder how all this furniture come up and how gothel use to go up when she was a baby ?

disney, tangled, and disney movie image disney, tangled, and disney movie image

3. it is amazing how rapunzel didn't break her neck while she lift all this weight using her hair

tangled, disney, and rapunzel image disney, rapunzel, and tangled image

4. and how she trust a thief a thief for her life that's not normal for a person her mother told her there is people try to use her hair power when she was a child

Inspiring Image on We Heart It tangled, rapunzel, and disney image

5. when rapunzel cut her hair and lost its power why the only thing that's lost magic is gothel the only one who lost that magic, what about flynn's hand ? why the magic didn't Disappears?

disney, villain, and icon image disney and tangled image

6. the piece of hair that cut when she was a child never grows all that time, is that mean when she cut all her hair it will stay this short and never grow that's not make any sense

icon image aesthetic, beauty, and disney image

Did you start to wounder about it to ??

Thanke you so much for reading hope you enjoy it
And stay tuned for part 2

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