Here are 13 inspirational quotes for the next week, I think that would be super helpfull.

In the next 13 days I will post an image and talk about her, about what she transmits and helped me. I hope it helps you to..


This image its a little bit strong for me because I've been in a lot of stress and I've to deal with a lot of problems.. and their not mine.

Anyway, this quote help me because when I read it, I think that its actually true. MAN I have to do this, stand myself!!

I can't hide behind my fears, and not do anything about it. All my life I've been quiet,

I swallowed everything that happened to me and tried to live with it. It haunted me for many years all the vilolence in which I lived and learned to deal with everything.
I let myself be left behind for fear of not being enough, of not being good for what was proposed to me. I always had in my head that I had the ability, but I also had in my head the horrible voice that always kept me back.
Enough of this, I can't live this way anymore. I want to be more than the person I am now, to overcome all my fears and surprise myself. I know I can do this, I WILL DO THIS.

''I know I'll be good, yeah
It's my time now'' - ELLA MAI