A blue family makes u think, “a sad family”. In my words, it means a “a cop family.” As you know, cops and other white people get killed for another bad cops action. Yes, we can all agree George Floyd didn’t deserve to die. But, that doesn’t mean the world,family’s, and everyone needs to collapse. I have a friend, who’s dad is a cop, always worried if her dad will come back. Her dad has drinks thrown at him, people telling him to die. Just for his job, his color, his life. Racism is a real thing and it could affect anyone, including whites. And two things that hurt me the most. 1. The world is full of hatred and no one seems to fix that. 2. No matter what people do, even if that means, helping people, people take you for granted. In 4th grade, I used to hate teamwork because in my old school, they used this strategy called “green cup, yellow cup, and red cup.” If you get a green cup, you get recess. If you get a yellow cup, you get 15 minutes of recess (a full recess was 30 minutes). If you red a red cup, you get no recess. This was for the whole cafeteria to shut up.In my class, there were kids who ( let’s just say) acted like laughing hyenas. As a result, we didn’t get that much recess and that made me think, “why do we all have to suffer, just because of some kids bad actions.” This also got people to get bossy, (since they wanted recess so badly). That is what is happening here, (but way more serious). If teamwork helps you gets things done, don’t trigger it. The public over estimates everything. This needs to stop now. We need peace now.