hi! welcome to another day of the writing challenge, today is friday and i'm so excited to finally have a rest.
this article will be really messy because -yes, i'm 19 and i still think i don't have a clothing style- but i'll leave here my idea of a perfect closet and what i usually use.

i hope you like it!

🌻 day xiv: describe your style.

like i said before i don't have a proper style when it comes to clothes, but i always try to use thing that make me feel comfortable and kind of happy. i'm one of those friends in the group that always uses black and the same mom jeans and the converse. imagine that friend.

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i literally use the same clothes all the time and now it's okay, but i'm desperately trying to escape that 'comfort zone'. my parents are really judgmental when it comes to clothes because of what could happened to me in public transport and others, but i still want to experiment.

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before i was not a huge fan of dresses and skirts but i bought myself one of them last year and I'm in love.

when it comes to clothes I feel really shy, because i don't want to bring so much attention to myself but, at the same time, i would really want to wear more creative and prepared outfits like the people i consider my style inspiration. this year i wanted to be more like that, i saw college being my break through in the 'clothing' area but coronavirus is here and, well, we know what's going on around the world.

fashion, outfit, and style image Image by 𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧 :) fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image

the pictures that i choose to be on this article are what i wish i used and my ultimate goal. but, i also want to use more color and start using dresses and skirts again. like i said before, they were not my favorite as a child and neither as a teenager, but now i want to get back to them.

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ultimate clothing goal
at the end, what i found out while making this article was that i need confidence, i need start to think about what i like and what makes me feel comfortable and also beautiful, not just a shadow.

thank you for reading!
i hope you liked it in anyway.

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