I'm going to rate my top 10 favorite debut songs, let's go!

1. Replay by SHINee

Jonghyun, key, and lee taemin image SHINee, key, and Taemin image
12/10 - the nations debut song, no. 1 in the kpop fandom, remains legendary

2. My Type by iKON

bobby, jinhwan, and b.i image Ikon, kpop, and my type image
11/10 - super soft and catchy, the mv is cute and funny, not what i expected from a yg group, ikon is def my type

3. Into The New World by Girls' Generation

moda image snsd and girl generation image
12/10 - as replay, itnw remains a bop, nine girls, no fancy clothes or make up, just their natrual faces and vocals, their one way ticket to dominate the kpop industry, (ballad ver. is much more emotinal)

4. Dalla Dalla by ITZY

JYP, kpop, and itzy image editing, themes, and screenies image
10/10 - this song's going wild, serving looks from sec one, dancing like they already own this company, first part slaps, ready to be the next queens of this geneartion, they say: be different, stay different! it's a YASSSSS from me


Image by Loup blackpink, rose, and jennie image
9/10 - rapper line slaps the first secs and everyone knew they would be yg's next big thing, a song you can't get tired of, not so meaningful lyrics tho

6. Fire by 2NE1

2ne1, CL, and minzy image 2ne1, CL, and minzy image
`12/10 - smth the nation's haven't seen before, unique style and voices, queens were born, serving bops since day one, + the king himself joins them in their mv? iconic `

7. Adore U by Seventeen

17, adore u, and the8 image Seventeen, kpop, and Lyrics image
10/10 - the debut we've all been waiting for, it gives me everything: good music, amazing dancing skills + choreo, 13 HANDSOME BOYS and pure joy while listening, still a big jam to this day


aesthetic, miyeon, and editing needs image girl group, kpop, and stage image
9/10 - i don't stan them but this song is on my playlist so that's how you know they did a pretty good job, their voices are different and deep, i love it

9. LA chA TA by f(x)

f(x), amber, and luna image f(x), sulli, and luna image
9/10 - it's catchy, you need to sing it no way out, it's already been ten years and I still listen to this song, i miss them (rip sulli), and that rain stage is legendary yet sm did them so dirty

10. MaMa Beat by LC9

eden, jun, and k-pop image eden, jun, and k-pop image
10/10 - it was a banger from start to end and it's a shame they disband right after

thank you for reading! tag me and let me know what your top 10 debut songs are!