Hi peooople. Hi fooooolks. So, I should be studying math you know… but i was hearing my favorite Spanish songs and a beautiful idea popped in my mind… what was this idea?

LETS LOOK WHAT THE INTERNET SAYS ABOUT MY COUNTRY! (I'm from Colombia btw) and honestly…. I laughed.

For the people that don’t know, Colombia is from Latino America. We talk Spanish and yes Shakira is from here. So, i looked for some quizzes/things that the non-Colombian people assume... and omg

Let’s start wuhu.

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So… I looked for this words: Colombia, Colombianos, and Colombianas… first appears a quiz saying “where are you from (LATAM version) so I’m going to do it xd.

5 minutes later….

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What they say in Spanish: Por tu espíritu fiestero y buena vibra seguro perteneces a Colombia.

My translation: Because of your party spirit and good vive, you probably are from Colombia.

I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF OMG I DID IT. I really thought I was going to have a wrong thing but no no that didn’t happen. Anyways, it’s kinda easy for them to know because they added a question about food… and i just clicked the Colombian food because its hella delicious.

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Okay next xd. It also appears in an article saying “the times in which the USA wrote in a wrong way Colombia”...

So accurate. People repeat with me please, it's not Columbia, it's CO-LOM-BIA. It’s annoying, like really annoying… And it’s not that difficult omg. Okay, if we continue you will se Narco things, futboll…

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Also… we have 25 things that a proud Colombian will understand… I think I’m gonna nail it you know? (link:https://www.buzzfeed.com/bblanco/cosas-que-solo-entendera-un-colombianoqueserespete)

Okay, im just gonna comment and explain the ones that are SO TRUE. 1st, here we have el minuto de Dios (God’s minute) that is at 6pm and and the… padre Jaramillo always says the same prayer. So yeah, every Colombian knows that prayer, religious or not i’m sorry.

Then in the 7th, it has a meme that says “when your classmates ask if you are gonna go to school or stay at home to see the futboll thing”... that’s not true at all, but we do hear it though the radio or watch it through youtube.

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Passing to 18 questions Colombians are tired of listening… I kinda believe it xd

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Someone from your family is on a gang?
Or in a drug cartel?
or in an important drug deal?
Or poor?
Colombian Women are easy?
If they are not… they steal husbands!
They work with their body right?
They all look like Sofia Vergara, right?
Or plastic surgery?!
All men are possessive?
Or they cheat a lot?
Have you been in a drug thing/know someone?
Do you eat bandeja paisa every day?
You only listen to vallenato right?
Every Colombian is addicted to futbol?
It is not really dangerous?

Okay... im sorry to tell you this but no, no to everything and... what in the actual fuck... i don't know enough words for describing the confusion i had reading this shit.

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Random websites

Soooo, i looked for the same words, and i found one article on the internet that specially captured my attention… yeah.

Gratefully is in English so I do not need to translate at all. A ROUND OF APPLAUSE BECAUSE I'M TIRED.


Dance at any and every event until dawn
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I’m sorry to tell you this but this is not true. If the event is not a party, we don’t dance, and you have to be 18+ to “dance till dawn

Physically hurt when they see Colombia or Colombian spelled “Columbia” or “Columbian.”
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Well… it does not hurt at all, but just as I said… its really annoying because is not difficult to spell at all! Or is it? Nope.

Drink “tinto” (coffee) all day, every day.
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Explaining time! We call a little coffee tinto and it’s not true. We drink it when we want, and in general, is when you go to a coffee shop… im sorry.

Eat “arepas” for breakfast daily and rice with everything.
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Well… no… I do not eat them never. I eat them WHEN i go to a Colombian restaurant… but the rice one is kinda true xd

Love James Rodriguez in an unhealthy way.
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Drink Aguardiente AKA “Firewater” AKA “Guaro”.
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Im a minor… i can’t drink, but people looove that thing xd.

Quickly learn that everyone secretly wants to be a DEA agent…why else would they barrage you with questions about cocaine and Pablo Escobar?
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Okay, i don't care if they ask me something like my dear friend @aeonian_desires asked that is about history you know? I kindly explain. BUT If you instantly assume we are all narcos im gonna beat you ass.

I understand if you make jokes! I do jokes also! BUT PLEASE DON'T ASSUME WE ARE DRUG DEALERS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT.

Immediately identify what state/region of Colombia someone is from by listening to one sentence in a conversation. Local pride reigns supreme.

Okay… this is a thing i correct a lot. COLOMBIA DOES NOT HAVE AN ACCENT! If you read a article saying colombian accent, they did not research! Each region has different accents that we (at least I ) can identify in a fast way. So this is accurate.

Decorate their homes with Colombian memorabilia and religious statues.
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Well… I’m not gonna say this is not true because my mom has ten different religious things so honestly i would say is kinda accurate xd.

Use phrases that translate into completely different meanings in English.
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OKAY THIS IS SO TRUE. Quick Colombian vocab guide.

Parce: Bro
Que más: how are you
Listo/Va: okay
Me saca la piedra: He/She/add pronoun makes me mad
Mucho guayabo: After getting drunk

So please, if you go to Colombia and do a little research, some things can be easily changed to another meaning! If someone calls you hij*#p?ta it can be in a happy way or in a mad way, try to listen before!

Celebrate Christmas on another level.
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You know what? This is so true xd. But only if your fam/you are religious because if not... but honestly its really true so i would say yeah xd.


To all the websites....

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Please. If you have to do something about Colombia, ask me, i will answer... and if you thought what our dear websites thought:

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Anyways , that was it. It was kinda long but deff one of my favorite articles. I'll be back, drink water and stay healthy!