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in todays article I´ll give you some tips on how to learn kpop dances. I started learning them in May this year but I already figured out some things that are working, things that don´t, what is helpful etc.
Hopefully this helps you, if you want to start learning kpop choreographies aswell or need some extra tips. Without further ado, let´s start with the tips!

1. watch a lot of kpop dance practices
Before you can even start to learn a dance, you have to choose a dance, but to choose one, you have to inform yourself about the ones that exist out there. There are so many kpop dances from different groups (boys or girls aswell), to different songs, with different difficulty level and so on... To get to know the style of the groups, how hard they are, if it looks good danced alone etc. watch a lot of kpop dances. Mostly there are dance practice videos where you can see the group performing in a dance studio, but if that isn´t the case you can also watch stage cams or fan cams.

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2. choose the right dance
The next step, after you already know a bit what the dances of which groups are like, is to choose the right dance. There are many factors that are important when it comes to the choosing part.
First of all, are you a beginner or not? If so, it might be better to choose a dance where someone already did a full tutorial on You Tube to. That way it is easier for you to learn since you do not have to do it while slowing down a dance practice or stage cam video. I can recommend you the YT channel "LEIA". She explains the dances in english and also has got practice tutorials with slowed parts of the dance.

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But which dance will you choose? It´s perfect if you can already tell by watching a dance if you are able to do it or not. But if that´s too difficult for you to say, you can also watch You Tube videos where people rank all the choreographies from one particular kpop group by difficulty level. There are also videos where people show the easiest kpop dances. But do not take those videos too seriously, they are more of an inspiration since they are not always a hundred percent true!
There are also differences between the groups styles. TWICE for example is a group where the choreographies are often detailed and with a lot of extravagant hand movements. Boygroups like Stray Kids have a more hip hop like style with bigger and wider steps. You should consider those differences while choosing.
I would also recommend you to choose a song where you already know the lyrics. Lyrics are a good orientation and being able to lipsinc when you film it (if you do) upgrades the dance a lot!

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3. watch the dance you want to learn
So, when you know what dance you´re going to learn you should watch the kpop group dancing it a couple of times before you start learning it yourself. That way you will see what the choreo looks like, what comes when (roughly, you don´t have to memerize it at that point), what facial expressions they´re doing and so on. It helps you a lot when you have an overview of the dance.

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4. learn the dance in parts, slow and mirrored
Now we are finally at the learning part! I´d recommend you to not learn the dance move after move in one go, but to split it into small parts. Learn all the parts one after the other and combine them when you learn a new one. Was that understandable? So you learn part 1 and when you got the moves, you learn part 2 and then practice part 1 and 2 together. My tip for learning the moves is to use a video with good quality like a fan cam (good for learning the moves of only one particular member), a dance practice or a tutorial if there is one. You have to make sure that you see what the members are doing for example with their hands. The details are important!
Also make sure that it is mirrored so that you don´t do the moves into the wrong direction. And slow down the video. There is a function on You Tube where you can slow it down. Do not hesitant to make it the slowest possible. You will improve and will put up the speed soon! For learning it has to be slow.

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5. focus on the details
When you are finished learning all the parts, make sure that you go over it again and focus more on small details this time. Check the members facial expressions, if there are certain sounds in the song that are combined with a move, what their hands are doing and so on. This will make your dancing look even better and closer to the original!
You can also film yourself while dancing and look at you critically. What doesn´t look good? Are there any weird pauses or parts were you don´t know how to go from one move into the next? Are your facial expressions matching the atmosphere and choreography of the dance? Work on that and you will improve fast!

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6. film the dance
Even if you only learned it for yourself and don´t want to publish it somewhere, I would say film it anyways. This is proof for you learning it, you can show it to others or rewatch it if you want to (because you will probably forget the moves after some time).
If you film to upload it, plan a bit ahead. You should film somewhere you can play music and with a clean background (overall someplace where you have enough space to dance). Pick out an outfit that is inspired by the kpop group dancing to the song or suits the vibe. I like to wear a top and long pants like leggins or culottes. It can get very hot when you dance it six or so times in a row, so wear comfortable and not too warm clothes. If you like apply some make up aswell. You should bring a cup of water to your filming spot and a small towel to dry yourself in between though - Trust me it´s necessary!
To play the music I always put my sisters phone next to mine which is filming and put the YT video of the song on. Then I start both and edit out the beginning where I´m running to my spot. I like to dance it multiple times and then afterwars watch all videos and count the mistakes I made. The video with the least mistakes and the best facial expressions wins! The face is super important, so if you have a dance video of yourself with no mistakes but not really good facial expressions, always choose the one to post where you made a tiny mistake but your face was on point. People are going to look at our face when they´re watching the video!

So, those were my tips on how to learn kpop dances! I hope you liked them and found them helpful. Thanks a lot for reading and I wish you a wonderful day! See you in my next article!

xx Sarah

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