I am so exited to finally be writing this article. A month ago, I discovered the law of attraction, and it has changed my mindset and lifestyle completely. In this article, I am going to give you a quick introduction to the law of attraction and similar laws of the universe, to talk about my biggest inspirations and information sources around this subject, to give you an insight into my daily routine around this (so basically, how I manifest my desires) and hopefully just provide you with enough information and inspiration! Let's get started!

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A quick introduction to the laws of the universe

There are twelve laws of the universe.
1. The Law of Divine Oneness
2. The Law of Vibration
3. The Law of Correspondence
4. The Law of Attraction
5. The Law of Inspired Action
6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
7. The Law of Cause and Effect
8. The Law of Compensation
9. The Law of Relativity
10. The Law of Polarity
11. The Law of Rhythm
12. The Law of Gender

I personally have only educated myself on the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, but I am planning on educating myself on the other ten too. I am not a professional regarding this subject, so I'm just going to share the things I have gathered and learned.

The Law of Attraction is based on a few principles.
1. You get what you think you can have
2. You're always contributing, so even your unconscious thoughts. Law of Attraction is always happening! Remember and cherish it.
3. What you’re focusing on, you’re more likely to receive
4. Connect your mind with your heart
5. Express gratefulness
6. You can get anything you want if you make the promise to yourself and set the bar high for yourself
“The law of attraction is deciding that you’re going to get something, and that’s what creates the burning desire, that’s what’s going to motivate you to take aligned action.”

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So basically, you have to think about what you desire. Then, you have to decide you're going to get it and act like you already have it. This will cause you to act according to your desire.

I am not sure if I am making sense here, so I am going to give a (non-personal) example. Imagine you feel left-out in your friend group and like you don't really have good friends. Your desire is to fully be in your friend group and to be in the center of the attention. According to the law of attraction, you attract into your life what you give positive attention to. This means that you have to convince yourself that you already are fully in your friend group and that you already are in the center of the attention. By doing this, you are probably going to change the way you act: when you're with your friends, you'll be more present, vibrant and extraverted. This way, your desire comes true and you've attracted your position in the friend group into your life.

This brings us to the Law of Vibration. According to the Law of Vibration, everyone sends out energy on a certain level of vibration. You can see these levels in the following picture.

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The energy you vibrate is the energy you attract. Therefore, joy brings more joy, but fear brings more fear. Et cetera. The Law of Vibration is the reason that you are always contributing to the Law of Attraction. Enlightenment is the best place to be if you want to manifest your desires. To make the Law of Attraction work, you have to vibrate good expanded energy into the universe.

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This might sound very floaty, but it's very logical. Let's say you want to lose weight. You use the Law of Attraction, and convince yourself that you've already lost the weight. But if you are deep down ashamed for the way you look right now, or feel guilty for when you eat unhealthy or do not workout for once, or fear that you'll never lose the weight, or are only focused on desire and not on what you already have, or are angry with yourself... you send out contracted vibrations and are self-sabotaging yourself. Because you bring yourself down and believe that you'll never lose the weight, you'll be less motivated to take the actions to lose the weight, and therefore it won't happen. And that people, is why being aware of the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration can help you with so much in your life.

My inspirations and information sources

I discovered the Law of Attraction through a Youtuber, Ella Ringrose. She is so inspiring, and I could listen to her anytime. My Law of Attraction routines (which I am going to talk about later on in this article) are fully inspired on her, she has made me feel less ashamed on being spiritual and she has made me more confident. Definitely check her out if this article interests you!

One tip I'd like to give is to not overload on influences. Every influencers has another view and other habits, and there's not always a "good" and a "bad". It's best to find someone or something you like, and stick to that.

I am still planning on reading some books on the Laws of the Universe:
- Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King
- The Secret by Ronda Byrne
- Think and Grow Rich! by Napoleon Hill
- You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
- Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
- Supper Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein
- Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

And listen to the following podcasts:
- The Goal Getter Mindset by Ella Ringrose
- Love Your Life + Law of Attraction by Jennifer Bailey
- Manifestion Babe by Kathrin Zenkina

My daily habits around the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration

A quick summary: you have to know what you desire, convince yourself you already have it, vibrate expanded energy and then you'll act aligned with your desires and manifest them. You're probably wondering: how can I truly convince myself to have something I don't and change my mindset towards that, so that I vibrate the good energy? The key is: be open towards feeling and spirituality.

The key to manifesting is Law of Attraction journaling. This is different for everyone, and everyone uses different terms, so I am just going to tell you my routine. I try to journal every day, mostly in the mornings, but sometimes in the evenings. The first thing I do is write down the date on the top of the page. Then I fill in "real-life information". So this is not how it would ideally be, but how it really is. By doing this, you can open yourself up and start to feel. This is what I fill in:
I am thinking ...
I am feeling emotionally ...
I am feeling physically ...
My two intentions for today are ...
One thing that would add to my happiness today would be if ...

When I journal in the evening, I fill in
Today, I noticed...
Instead of the last two 'morning questions'.

After doing this, I write down "I am grateful for ..." and "I am abundant in ...". In contrast to the other prompts, I write down almost the exact same thing every day when filling in these two prompts. The goal of these two prompts is to level up your vibrations. By expressing gratefullness and fulfillment with who you are, you get into an expanded vibration.

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All of these things fit into one page. Then I go to the next page, above which I write "Law of Attraction journaling". Now, we get into the convincing-ourselves-that-we- already-have-what-we-desire part. The prompt I use for my LOA journaling is "I am so happy and grateful now that I..." Here, you fill in all the desires you want to manifest. It's important that it makes you feel something: you truly have to believe what you write. Let's take the examples I've already used in this article: being in your friend group fully and losing weight. Something you could write down is:

I am so happy and grateful now that I have a friend group I am fully in. I have deep one-on-one bonds, but can also be in the center of the attention. I am kind, loving, attentive, fun and spontaneous around my friends and care deeply for them. They adore me, and I adore them. We have done plenty amazing things together: a semester abroad, going to a gala and travelling to the United States.

I am so happy and grateful now that I have the body I have always dreamed of. I feel elegant, strong and sexy. I eat clean and workout every day. I am the best I can be.

I have eight different things that I want to manifest. Therefore, I fill in this prompt eight times every day. I sometimes change the text a little bit, but it overall is the same. So, when you're LOA journalling, you write down basically the same thing every day. It's important to focus on how it would be if your desire manifested, how you would feel and how you would act. This is what will make your desires manifest, because you raise your vibration and act aligned with your desire.

My LOA journaling takes up two pages. Then, I write down affirmations (e.g. I am smart, I am beautiful ...) This fits on one page and is the same each day, too.

These four pages are what I write down every day. Then, I sometimes do scripting and realisations. Scripting is writing out a script for a day in your life when your desires already manifested. So, if you were in that friend group fully, what would a day in your life look like? If you had your dream body, what would a day in you life look like? Not only is scripting so much fun to do, it already allows you to visualize and focus on your desires. Sometimes I script a day in my life in a few months, sometimes in a few years. Realisations are just prompts I fill in to be more focused on my desires. The ones I filled in so far are:
Where do my desires come from?
What is my main goal? What does that mean to me? What can I do to get there?
Where do I want to see myself in the next month? How will I get there?
I feel most aligned with my true potential when I...
I enjoy expressing my strength most, doing...
I feel nurtured and taken care of by...
Right now, I am grateful for these people in my life:
Something I am looking forward to is...
The last time I felt inspired was...

So, journaling, scripting and affirmations are what help me to attract my desires into my life. It makes me feel happy and positive, and therefore I am on a good vibration and I act aligned with my desires. Of course, everyone struggles with this from time to time. These quotes articulate my 'struggles' with manifesting exactly:

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I don't only use writing to visualize my desires, but also images. I compile them into this collection:

These images are visual representations of the things I am trying to manifest. I've saved the pictures that truly make me feel something on my phone to look at those whenever I need inspiration or visualisation. I also do morning and night meditations from time to time, to get into a positive mindset.

How the Law of Attraction and my habits around it have helped me

It has made me confident that I'll eventually get everything I desire.
It has made me more aware of what I want from life and how I am going to get there.
It makes me more positive and happy.
Some manifestations are already coming my way.
I am more spiritual.

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As said before, I am still educating myself on the laws of the universe. These are my current habits and thoughts about it, and I hoped I have informed and inspired you! x