Hello everyone !

I saw this article a few days ago and it made me want to create my own fashion style with creating a template so here we go :

My overall style

fashion, outfit, and jeans image aesthetic, fashion, and parisian image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
I wear lots of wide jeans with tight tops or baggy sweatshirts, I have my long leather jacket and I love wearing light, flowery dresses

My color palette

makeup, colors, and eyeshadow image black, aesthetic, and art image art, aesthetic, and paint image glow, mine, and pale image
pastel colors, black, blue and white

Patterns I wear

fashion, girl, and cow image Temporarily removed dress, outfit, and blue image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
I love floral prints, elizabeth sweaters and recently, cow prints

My fashion aesthetic

fashion, outfit, and clothes image fashion, style, and korean style image Image by elle Temporarily removed
Baggy clothes, Y2K, Brandy Melville (a little)

Shoe closet

boots, black, and shoes image boots, designer, and inspo image converse and shoes image alternative, black, and net image
Doc Martens, black boots, converse and platform vans

My go-to accessories

chic, jewelries, and jewelry image rings, accessories, and hands image fashion, girl, and black image bag, love, and longchamp image
gold earings and rings, a black choker and my bag longchamp

My go-to bags

bag and purse image white, photography inspiration, and slay image fashion, bags, and purses image aesthetic, alt, and fashion image
mostly small black bags but a brown and cheetah girl one

My favourite stores

fashion, H&M, and inspiration image Image removed Abusive image carefree, filter, and brandy melville image
H&M, Urban Outfiters, thrift shops and Brandy Melville

People that inspire me

Image by elle Image by elle 90s, aesthetic, and pastel image Temporarily removed
Kaia Gerber, Oanhdaqueen, Cher from Clueless and Bella Hadid

My favourite hairstyles

earrings, hair, and jewelry image Image by elle Image by tenderlygirl fashion, grunge, and icon image
I usually let my hair natural and loose or I tie them in a messy bun

Everyday makeup

Temporarily removed beauty, eyeshadow, and makeup image eyes, makeup, and eye image bangs, beauty, and brown image
I do a neutral sparkly makeup with a brown eyeliner and put some brown lipstick

My future style

fashion, style, and blonde image Image by elle black chunky heels image fashion, outfit, and style image
A look more classy and bold

Thank you for reading this article, hope you enjoyed it !!

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