Trust is the cornerstone of a strong relationship. It allows you to feel safe and confident in each other. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the key principles by which trust is built in a relationship. Here are some tips for you:

1. Be someone you can rely on.
- Even minor things, such as canceling a meeting or not being able to follow through with a voiced intention, can undermine or break the relationship. If this happens on an ongoing basis, the foundation of the relationship can break and collapse.

2. Always try to keep promises made.
- Trust means that people see you as a reliable person. If you have to break a promise, be honest enough to explain why you have to let someone down.

3. Tell the truth.
It is easy to resort to white lies to protect another person or to cover your own back. But if you choose to tell the truth, even if it is unpleasant, you will be appreciated as a calm and trustworthy person.

4. Tell.
- When you have the opportunity to be unclear - do not use it. On the contrary, be open and transparent, share a lot of details. When you share information, it feels like you have nothing to hide.

5. Do not reveal other people's secrets.
- Do not be the one who spreads gossip, as we only feel safe with those who are reasonable, confident and do not try to attract attention with gossip. Remember, confidence is confidence.

6. Broadcast loyalty, be close.
- It shows that you are a real, sincere and caring friend.