1. Start small, take the first step; and remember that this is a journey. This is just the beginning, you just need to take the first step.

2. Believe in yourself, at least you are brave enough to try. If you are patient and keep trying, you will eventually achieve it.

3. Make a list of all your fears so that you can now assume that they are not shapeless or vague. It is much easier to deal with them when you know what they are.

4. Accept that difficulties occur in life, and your fear is natural and normal. Every person on the road to success will have to face their fears.

5. Remind yourself of your success and how you have changed. You went through many obstacles on your way and succeeded.

6. Remind yourself that others are convinced you can do it. You know they are rooting for you, so benefit from it.

7. Imagine how you will feel and how you will look when you manage to do it. It is worth your effort. Don't give up: you will succeed!