🌿White: This color means striving for simplicity, ideal and purity.

🌿Red: This person is usually light-hearted and lives to the fullest. They are optimistic, hate routine, sparkle in their eyes and ambitious. They can also be impulsive or aggressive.

🌿 Burgundy: This is the favorite color of those who have to cope with great difficulties in life. They are mature, generous, and disciplined.

🌿Pink: This color means desire for love, affection and security. It is a fragile, delicate, sensitive color that is associated with a sense of security and care.

🌿 Orange: This is the color of a shocking, cheerful, loving person. They are usually good-natured, popular, interesting, fearless and with a touch of drama. However, they can be fickle and restless too.

🌿 Yellow: This color is associated with happiness, wisdom, desire to learn new things, adventurousness and a rich imagination. Usually this color is associated with a good sense of humor and rationality of thinking.

🌿 Green: Symbolizes balance, hope, sincerity and peace. People who prefer green are usually concerned about the welfare of others, patient, humble, self-effective - but sometimes they can be exploited by others.

🌿Blue: Associated with compassion, caring, patience, perseverance, conscientiousness, self-control, and a sense of duty. These individuals are loyal and reliable people, but they also worry about how things will go.

🌿Turquoise: These characters are a little more complex. They are creative and imaginative, and they put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals. Although they seem calm and in control, they may feel tired and confused on the inside.

🌿 Lilac: These people are usually impeccably dressed, have a refined taste and a sense of sophistication and culture. They have high ideals, are creative, adorable, witty, artistic and can support discussion. Usually they are committed to noble and great ideas.

🌿 Purple: People who are purple are usually artistic, individual, unique and sensitive. They are independent "philosophers" who carry unusual ideas and are probably prone to positions of power.

🌿 Brown: People who prefer brown are known for their steadfastness and patience, conscientiousness, reliability and stability. They are rarely impulsive - but they can be inflexible.

🌿Gray: Associated with caution, negotiation, stability, hard work, and good business taste. Usually introverted and suppressing their feelings.

🌿Black: People who like black are worthy, mysterious, have hidden depths - and reveal very little about themselves, their hopes, beliefs, desires, and personality.