some recipes that are aesthetic, delicious and super easy

Strawberry milk

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Ingredients (2 cups)
14 strawberries
60g sugar
200-400ml milk
1) Wash strawberries first and crush only 8 pieces first
2) Add sugar, mix and put in a pot over medium heat
3) When it starts to boil, boil it for another 2-3 minutes and cool it down.
4) Cut the remaining 6 strawberries into small size
5) Put the chilled syrup, cut strawberries, and milk in one bottle
6) Add the amount of milk according to your taste (200ml if you want to >eat it thick)
7) Mix evenly and eat (approximately 2 cups)

Hot chocolate

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It's about two cups
If it feels too thick, add milk
Ingredients (2 cups, takes 10-20 minutes)
20g sugar
7g cocoa powder
25ml water
60g dark chocolate
350ml warm milk
1) Put the cocoa powder, sugar, and water in a pot and mix
2) Mix the powder and put it on low heat to boil
3) When it starts to boil, remove it from the heat and add chocolate to >melt it.
4) When the chocolate is melted and mixed, add warm milk and mix
5) Put it on low heat again and when it boils slightly, remove it from the >heat and pour it into a cup.
6) Prepare hot milk and foam it with a milk frother,
Decorate marshmallow, chocolate sauce, etc.

Strawberry sandwich

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Ingredients (2 pieces of bread size)
4 pieces of white bread
1 strawberry
1 cup of fresh cream
40g of small cup of sugar
1) Wash and dry strawberries (remove the faucet)
2) Cut the bread border (can be omitted)
3) Whisk with fresh cream and sugar in a bowl
4) Apply fresh cream on the bread and add strawberries
5) Spread the fresh cream well, cover the bread and cut it in half
If salted or sweetened does not stick, you can use unsweetened fresh cream or unsalted butter.
that's it for today