1. sweet or sour?

aesthetic, soft, and spanish image flowers, aesthetic, and lollipop image aesthetic, colorful, and colors image Algeria, cake, and food image
sweet!I'm big fan of macarons,cakes,supangles...I can always be happy If I keep eating sweet.

2. lemonade or orange juice?

drink, yellow, and lemon image beautiful, beauty, and cook image

3. what's your dream job and why?

Greys, greys anatomy, and camilla luddington image medicina, cirugia, and medical repairs brisbane image
being doctor , because healing people and sharing the pain is such a good thing.and seeing them when they get healthy again will feel me happy.I dont know which position I should choose but I just hope that this job is good for me

4. which animal would you be if you could?

Image by MiCheam animal, penguin, and snow image
penguin, I love feeling cold,ice and swimming.also,they are soo cute

5. which year would you travel if you could time travel?

Temporarily removed Image by krisswa
2010,I....I was very happy in this year.I had my family,friends,health,happiness and chance to fix up everything

6. top 3 places you want to visit?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed summer, blue, and water image mexico, daemaine hines, and tulum quintana roo image
paris,england and for a good holiday tulum(mexico)

7. what's the last movie you seen?

films, movies, and the hater image black and white, hater, and haters image
'the hater' the main character was really a devil.....I highly recommend it(you can watch in netflix)

8. what would you name your kids?

atonement image aesthetic, blue, and fonts image
I dont think I want kids.I even cant take care of myself

9. how many pets do you want?

Temporarily removed фотография image
a horse(it's hard to buy) and two or three birds,they can sing songs when ı'm alone

10. what languages do you want to know?

french quote image frases, quotes, and spanish quotes image
french,latin,english(I think I'm speaking well?_?) and spanish

11. do you think your native language is hard?

It is very hard.There are lots of things to remember.Thanks to the easiest language,English,I realized my native language is hard.I mean,English is too easy!

12. what zodiac sign would you like to be?

capricorn image astrology, horoscope, and scorpio image
capricorn,a workhaolic. I'm scorpio, they are really same.

13. do you have a secret talent?

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yes,I am pretty good at multitasking.I can concentrate several things at the same time.

14. would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy?

mermaid, ocean, and sea image Action, adventure, and blue image
mermaid,ocean is best for me.There's something attracts me in ocean I dont know what.When I was a child,I used to spend hours in the sea.

15. snakes or lizards?

medusa, white, and art image Temporarily removed

16. do you have posters in your room?

Image by Â̶̳̣ͩC̶̨͍͇̞̏͗̅͗̿ͤ͘Ḭ̞̌͝ͅĎ̘̭̙̳̑̉͌̑̋̑̎͢ ̺̦̤͙ͣ͗̓͋́ͦ̚̕D̸̝̣͐͋̃̃ͯ̄̀̎͘͟R̳͇̗͎̯͉̣̬̔ͬ͝O̥̦̣̝͖̭̩̗ͣͦͥP͎̟̉͌̏̈̀ lisa, rose, and jennie image
a periodic table poster and 3 blackpink posters

17. do you have a best friend?

Image removed Temporarily removed

18. are you single or taken?

aesthetic, alcohol, and alone image Image removed

19. do you like to study?

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I do,especially science lessons are interesting and amazing

20. how are you feeling right now?

confused, drawing, and art image art, green, and aesthetic image
a little bit confused but also excited schools are opening

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