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Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of french artists and songs so I thought it would be cool to share my discoveries with you guys. I mostly listen to songs in English but recently I’ve been very attracted to the french music scene which I think is evolving in a really singular, modern way.
And even if you don’t understand the language, listening to foreign artists is a great opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and discover new things—especially if you love hunting for new singers to listen to (aka my biggest passion). Without further ado, here are my favorite french artists (and a few of their songs) at the moment:


If you’re looking for emotional, sweet songs with a french vibe, look no further because this artist is perfect for you. Her style is so beautiful, I absolutely love her vibe and outfits. If you decide to listen to her music, you’ll probably be impressed by her voice because she has such control and ease when she sings.

  • On brûlera
  • Je sais pas danser
  • Anxiété
  • Tout les garçons et les filles
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These twins’ music style is a blend of soul and R&B mixed with Afro-cuban influences. Ibeyi remains in my opinion one of the most memorable french musicians of the past years. The way they make meaningful songs and celebrate their roots through their music is really amazing. The twins both have very different voices and energies but they complete each other well.

  • Deathless
  • River
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Eddy de Pretto

I love the kind of artists that are really trying to do something new and change the rules, and this rapper is definitely one of them. His songs tackle homosexuality, youth and identity. I really admire the way he speaks up about harmful ideas spread by our society like in the song “Kid”.

  • Fête de trop
  • Grave
  • Je m’voyais déjà
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Jaia Rose

Jaia Rose is the french artist I discovered the most recently, and I was surprised by how cool her music is. One of her songs came on shuffle while I was listening to Spotify and I immediately had to stop what I was doing to look up who it was from. I just wished she had more songs.

  • 1000mg
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My absolute favorite rapper of all time. His lyrics are amazing, his songs deal with fame, love, vulnerability… He’s such a genuine artist who really is driven and passionate about his art and uses it as a way to heal. His live sessions are also incredible to watch.

  • Flash
  • Le vrai moi
  • 1000°C
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Christine and the Queens

At first I wasn’t a really big fan of her songs but lately her new singles are so great to listen to. Her style is always evolving and her music is similar to poetry in many ways. Also her dancing and raw, powerful aesthetic is very unique.

  • People I’ve been sad
  • 5 doll
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If you ever decide to check out this singer, “Corps” is the song you should listen to first. It’s a song about being vulnerable and struggling to accept your appearance and her voice is just incredible in it.

  • Corps
  • Summer Love
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Before I finish this article, I also wanted to list two Belgian artists who sing in French and are equally good as the previous ones. They both have a really unique style and are the reason I’ve grown more interested in rap lately.

Lous and the yakuza

Her visuals are amazing and she has a really good flow, her lyrics are also really well-written and inspiring. Please check out “Solo”, her best song in my opinion (the music video has a beautiful aesthetic too).

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“Jolie” is one of my favorites at the moment, her vibe is so cool and the music video visually striking.

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That’s it for this article, thanks for reading !

See you next Thursday