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Welcome on my fourth article for the Daily Witchy Mini-Series!
I am back after a three-week long pause. These days are especially tough for me and I tried my best to come back every week but I just couldn’t get myself to write. I am preparing some articles to publish after this series because now it’s easier for me to talk about what I’m living than anything else. I also hope those upcoming articles are going to help as a therapy for me and if some others feel less lonely after reading them I’ll be happy!
I am now letting you with the article. Don’t forget to check the other parts to have all rituals for the full day and heart the articles and follow me if you like it. Now we’re going to talk about the witchy rituals we can do during our after-work or after-school free time. Let’s get started!

If you find terms you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to check their meaning here

Before Breakfast

Getting Ready for Work / School

At Work / School

Evening Free Time

  • Cleanse your aura: after a long and sometimes stressful day, any cleansing method is good to find back your balance and energy.
  • Do some yoga: yoga can be used to meditate and relax you. If you worship the moon, you can do the Moon Salutation in the evening.
  • Divination: a question has been stuck in your head all day at work or you just worry about next day, you can use divination to clear your mind before taking care of yourself this evening.
  • Meditation: just like yoga, meditation will relax you and help letting go all the tensions that built up during the day.
  • Chakras Balance: Balancing your chakras has some similar effects with meditation but will operate on a wider range. But do not forget this is not a substitute for meditation. By balancing your chakra, you will feel more present, creative, confident, loved and so many other great feelings! It’s really worth trying.
  • Journal to manifest: you have an important meeting for tomorrow? Or maybe you just hate your work and hope for it to change? Manifesting is the practice that will attract your desires into your life. Also, journaling is another good way to relax. Don’t hesitate to write down everything you want or even to do visual boards to go back to when you’re feeling down. Everything is possible.
  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis: so this one is my personal touch. I love this hypnosis that enables you to see and remember your past lives. I’ve done a lot already and everything helps me understand a lot about who I am today, my fears, my hopes, my values and so on. A hypnosis being a kind of astral travel, you really feel like coming back home after a long time when you come back to your senses. You can seek a professional to try this or find some videos on YouTube.
Here is my favourite:
  • Spells: every witch has their favourite time for spells, I personally prefer evening or nighttime spells during new or full moons.
  • Listen to other witches’ podcasts: learning is a life-long routine for witches and sharing is a fun way to do so. Also, podcast enables you to do other things in the same time like cleaning or cooking dinner.
  • Read other witches’ blog posts or books: Same as above: don’t be afraid to check other witches contents to learn more. Your visions may differ but it’s nice to see all the beliefs existing out there and to always learn more.
  • Watch other witches’ videos: okay, I’m not going to repeat myself again, you understood.
  • Watch witchy movies or series: just for fun. It’s always nice to get in the vibe to remind you why you loved it when you started.
  • Channel: when you feel lost, need guidance or just want to learn more about the Universe, it’s nice to channel spirits, your angels and spirit guides, higher self or even your twin flame.
  • Astral travel: astral travels are great, just like when channeling, you can enter in communication with spirits and learn more about yourself, magic or the world, but you can see as well while doing it and it really feels like travelling so astral travels are a good way to escape your reality.
  • Visit Akashic records: Akashic records cannot be entered without an authorization, but if you are allowed to visit them, it’s a nice way to learn about yourself, your past lives, but also about other people, the world’s History and more.
  • Manifest: if your day felt disappointing and you want some things to change, manifestation is a great way to attract what you want into your life. Of course, it requires some practice and may take times but as long as you believe you’re not hopeless so give it a try.
  • Care for your plants / Garden: for green or kitchen witches, this is a must. But for other witches too, caring for plants is a good thing to do. The calmness of this moment invites you to meditate and to do some introspection and being close to nature is the best way to ground yourself. Your Root Chakra will thank you.
  • Cleanse your crystals: we never want those negative energies around us, right?
  • Make moon water: obviously this activity can’t be done every day and it must be night time as moon water should never be exposed to the sunlight but it’s a nice and quick tool to prepare for upcoming spells. Don’t forget to put a tag on the bottle.
  • Prepare your clothes, accessories, bag & make up for the next day: this is linked to the morning routine and choosing your outfit according to color magic. Also, it’s always nice to save time in the morning to sleep more or to make more time for yourself.
  • Write / Plan your next spell in your Book of Shadows / Grimoire: always in the idea to make time and to be prepared, it’s nice to thing about your next spell in advance, especially if you are the kind to use lots of tools and materials so you don’t have a bad surprise when the time comes and you don’t have everything you need.
  • Write your Book of Shadows / Grimoire: these are going to guide you all along your spiritual journey so don’t hesitate to give it time to complete them so you have all the information you need in one space only.
  • Read and learn about witchcraft: it’s nice to learn from fellow witches but learn from people who did researches, read about the History of witchcraft and so on.
  • Discover about yourself: search about yourself (natal chart, enneagram, mbti, archetype, etc). A witch who knows herself will have an easier path as this is half of the work you need to do.

Before the Night

More Rituals for Connected Witches

I know I mentioned many things you may not know about here. If there is anything you are curious about or if you have questions, message me in here or on my Instagram (“ Persogram ” in my linktree (see my bio)) and I’ll tell you about it and make articles about the subjects you asked about. I plan to make articles about everything I mentioned so don’t worry it’ll come anyway!

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