Sorry for my broken English.

Hi, I know this is awkward lol. It's been 2 years since this acc has been created but now I'll be able to write an article about me. Honestly, I don't have a laptop before when I was in high school. I just got my new laptop 7 months ago cause I want to continue in studying of diploma.

I know most of you don't much about me. My actual name is Wafa (short name) This year I'm not officially 19 cause my birthday on 16 Oct (close to Jimin ahakz) I'm from South East Asia. Continue my study in diploma of agrotecnology at local collage. If you guys feel free check up my IG,(@ wafa.aan._) Personally nothing interested and I don't post my edit there cause no ones know this lol. My fav of BTS is ALL. I stan them since 2015 in HYYH era.

This is my main point. I'm sorry for being deactivate for like a year I think. There is so many things happen in between 2018 to 2020. Too many things. I lost my father last year, focusing on my job before studying and get in relationship for the first time. That's why I didn't spending my time on WHI more just like before. Because I got a life to focus on.

This acc is not only for fan and edit acc but the platform I used to talk about my inner feelings. It's hard for me to talk about it to everyone around me. I had depression and would like to stay at home when I was in high school . So this is the only way and no one knows me well here. Things have changed now.

I learnt a lot these day, including loving myself. I thank God for what ever the reason before. I have someone to love me also. I thank God for this feelings too.

To my follower, thank you so much if you guys still remember me and listening me! I really appreciate it. Thank you for supporting my edits!