my inspiration


jazmyn jessica mendoza
november 11
star sign
next gen

blood status

harry potter, mudblood, and muggleborn image


magic, aesthetic, and green image green and crocodile skin image old, book, and green image Image by Lyd Con
slytherin; sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood


girl, aesthetic, and fashion image Image by a n a Image by Private User Inspiring Image on We Heart It
tall and lean. tan skin dark hair and brown eyes


fashion, outfit, and girl image clothes, doc martens, and preppy image 2000s, style, and vivienne westwood image aesthetics, pale, and style image
soft colors and gold jewelry


Image by hay !! quotes, past, and grunge image romantic, text, and quote image curious, feelings, and personality image
i am really shy but when i'm around my close friends i can be a completely different person


book, books, and enjoy image Inspiring Image on We Heart It mandrágora, hp, and mandrake image book, aesthetic, and beige image
reading and the herbology club


aesthetic, alternative, and indie image fire image art, film, and grainy image dance and couple image
dominique weasley
Image by Private User lips, rose gold, and aesthetic image brown and eye image body, freckles, and girl image
roxanne weasley
Image by Kaley boy, butterfly, and vintage image Image by Private User wilderness, explore, and adventure image
lorcan and lysander scamander

love interests

blond, model, and lucky blue smith image aesthetic, gold, and yellow image quotes, feelings, and blessing image boy and model image
lorcan scamander, dated 3rd year
grunge, boy, and daniel radcliffe image gryffindor, red, and harry potter image boy, quotes, and aesthetic image shadow, boy, and indie image
james sirius potter, started dating 7th year

yule ball

dress, fashion, and model image dress, elegance, and fashion image
Elie Saab Spring 2010 Couture


cat, aesthetic, and animal image cat, black, and eyes image
definitely a cat


harry potter, spell, and wand image harry potter image
Acacia wood with a dragon heartstring core, 14 ¼" and quite bendy flexibility


honey, rabbit, and cute image animal, girl with rabbit, and beautiful image
brown hare (i know its really scary)


boggart, gif, and magic image girl, photography, and underwater image

favorite class

tarot, witch, and aesthetic image harry potter and prisoner of azkaban image


coffee, drink, and vanilla image aesthetic, aesthetics, and campfire image book, theme, and aesthetic image Image removed
coffee, campfires, old books, and jame's hair

favorite places

harry potter, library, and hogwarts image ferns, journey, and last of us image harry potter, hogwarts, and plants image harry potter, hogwarts, and hp image
library, firenze's indoor forest, the green house


anthropology, kombucha, and study motivation image hospital and vintage image brown, aesthetic, and boy image Image by Private User
became a healer and married james sirius potter (sorry mavis lmao)

thanks for reading <3