Hello guys, I hope you're doing well, so here are 10 ways to elevate any look to make it look tied all together.

Gold Earrings

It looks so good and makes you feel good for some reason literally you could wear a hoodie with a pair of hoop earrings and Voila.
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Layered Necklaces

When it's an open neckline it will spice up the outfit and still be simple and cute or go to the more edgy look depending on your choice.
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Designer Belt

A Statement point, so classic yet can be casual and modern and just ties the whole thing together.
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Small Purses

I think it's really chic and can be worn in many ways to your comfort.
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What is more stable than a blazer for any type of occasion it will give you the points.
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But like this make everything seem expensive and put together.
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I don't know but it just adds the I spent time on this outfit.
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I think collars just make any simple outfit look instantly elegant and professional.
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It's totally optional but people who have their nails done just look so cute and it really does give the effort spent on the outfit. It doesn't have to be dramatic to look good too.
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Bah hair day? More monochrome? Headpiece? More accessories? For any reason literally hats make you look like you're ready for Paris fashion week.
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I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed it.

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