the school year is approaching, and that means you have to frantically become productive again. here are tips on how to get ready and prepared to do your online courses for zoom university! especially if your classes are remote.
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fix your sleep schedule! you will need to get into your school routine and make sure you can stay awake during classes. it takes a week for your circadian rhythm to adjust, so start sleeping earlier, stop going on tiktok at night.
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clear your desk/study area. when you're doing remote classes, it's important to have a designated space to just study and attend classes. cleaning your desk and making it your study den will make you more motivated.
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share your schedule with your friends so that you can host study sessions with them together. even just putting on a group video call with friends and doing homework silently/together will make you feel motivated and less alone.
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get used to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. don't skip one. even just eating fruit during your morning classes can go a long way. food fuels you and also structures your day.
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look over the syllabus for your classes, do some early learning preparation. if you need to brush up on your coding, do that. if you forgot how to read, read a couple of news articles everyday.
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update your wardrobe. and plan out outfits to wear the night before. wearing a nice, comfy outfit during class can make you feel more awake and motivated, and no one wants to feel sloppy at zoom university.
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get your supplies ready. make files for your classes on your laptop. make google drive folders. invest in a planner. sharpen your pencils. find notebooks/note-taking apps.
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keep a long term hobby/project. zoom university can be very stressful, and having a way to destress after classes is important. look into projects that you can consistently do each day, like editing a vlog, writing an article, painting portraits of your friends, etc.
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finish all your shows right now before school starts. don't let netflix get in the way of your motivation. or, invest in a show where you can just watch one episode each day. you can do it.
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reach out to your clubs/orgs and see how they're going to move forward virtually. be active with the org, attend meetings, run for positions, even if virtual. still get involved.
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talk to your family/whoever is living in your household about your personal space boundaries. you need to designate time for yourself when you need to relax, to do homework. set up time on when they can reach out to you.
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meditate/exercise in between classes if you have time, or before/after classes. your energy will increase and it's important to stretch and do something active so that you're not just sitting in your chair 24/7.
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most importantly, breathe. you'll find your routine. time will pass. if you don't feel motivated sometimes, that is completely valid. don't be afraid to take a break, as long as you can get into the swing of things afterwards. the pandemic sucks, but you don't. you got this <3
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