This article is IMPORTANT SO READ IT! I am not a fan act I swear! I have been getting DM'S saying I don't care about the protest or about the black lives matter which is not true! I care a lot! I wanted to clear a few things up on this article.

I care a lot about this whole situation and I support the protest. I have read a book recently called White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and it talks about why is so hard for us white people to talk about Racism, I disagree and agree with this book. It should matter if us white people (I am using us white people to say I am white and I don't agree with what's going on and not for anything else) have a problem discussing racism. That is a matter that should be discussed. White people use that problem as a excuse to treat different color skins that way especially Black people(sent with love)


Police officers are taking control over their power in their job. They are using it to beat up black people and to kill them! This is happening to black people not white so us white people are not even close to understanding and if they say they do then its very wrong. This is not happening to white people who join the protest. Us white people can do the most craziest things and all we get is jail but, black when black people walk down the street they ether get harassed, hurt or worse. That is horrible treatment and white people can't say they know how it feels! I am not black and I have no clue how you feel but I understand that you deserve to be treated right, I will never know how you feel I can't say I understand because I and not any white person understands how it feels and the pain. Keep fighting because I stand with you and I support you.