Hi cuties, I'm back!

A few days without publishing anything so here I'm with a challenge ver. kpop. Let's start!

from here, go & check it <3

Which male idol would you trust to hold your drink at a party while you're gone?

got7, jackson wang, and jackson got7 image Image by Private User
Jackson (got7); kihyun (monsta x)

Which idol would you go to for a life advice?

Seventeen, xu minghao, and minghao image ig post, mamamoo, and hwasa image
Minghao (seventeen); Hwasa (mamamoo)

Which idol would you trust as president?

red velvet, irene, and low quality image rm, bts, and namjoon image
Irene (red velvet); Namjoon (bts)

Which idol might pretend to be your gf/bf to get rid of a creepy boy/girl/person?

Image removed Seventeen, vernon, and svt image girls, ggs, and ioi image kpop, selca, and monsta x image
Jamie (soloist); Vernon (seventeen); Chungha (soloist); Wonho (soloist)

Which idol might pay for you if you were out in public when having no cash?

i.m, jooheon, and monsta x image icon, kpop, and moomoo image Seventeen, seungcheol, and wonwoo image k-pop, female soloist, and k-soloist image
Jooheon & I.M (monsta x); Wheein (mamamoo); Scoups & Wonwoo (seventeen); Ailee (soloist)

Which idol would help you if carrying heavy bags/things?

funny, JB, and JR image Seventeen, dino, and DK image
Yugyeom, Jinyoung & JB (got7); SEVENTEEN

And that's the end of a very short but interesting game!

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