Hello Beautiful People 💖

We continue with the special "if we were a", today it is the turn of this beautiful series that has me hooked from the first moment I saw it. I love the combination of superheroes with sarcastic humor!
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☂️Basic Information

Name: Caillic Hargreeves/Artist name (Vrontí)
Nimber: Number 8/Storm witch


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☂️The Story

~ Born in Scotland on October 1, 1989, her mother was an orphan from an isolated village in Scotland but who died giving birth. Her birth was never registered, therefore it was not given to Hargreeves, over the years she discovered her powers but not having someone to help her manage it, she lost control, flooding the poor town because of her powers. She went through various temporary homes but never fit in either because of her strong character or her bad luck flooding the places where she was. ~

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At the age of 15, she gave up being adopted, so she began to study and work when she came of age, emigrating to the USA in order to fulfill her dream of being a painter. Where she learned the story of a group of siblings who possessed superpowers (just like her) but said group disbanded. Her cowardice does not let her search for them and thus be able to know more about their powers that she has never known to control, but it is not until her 30 that she decides to look for them after she almost killed a man with her powers. Her bad luck leads her to the dysfunctional Hargreeves family where she will not only have to learn to control her chaotic powers but also face a fuc#king apocalypse.

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Caillic is terribly reckless, clumsy either in communicating what he feels or his physical abilities (except when he paints), he is a very sensitive person who has been lonely and misunderstood all his life but tries not to affect his personality; making jokes and answering everything with sarcasm. She can sometimes be a coward and runs away when she has strong emotions towards other people, but it is her way of protecting herself. She is very loyal, honest and a good friend.

☂️ Powers & Abilities

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Atmokinesis: Control over the weather and meteorological events (Lightning, storms ...)


No.one/Luther Hargreeves
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Caillic's first impression of Luther is "nasty clumsy", but as the days go by he realizes that he is a lonely boy who has trouble controlling his powers (just like she does) so he tries to be a good sister / friend and helps you. release pressure; get drunk and love his monkey body. It also helps him confess his feelings to Allison.
No.two/Diego Hargreeves
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With Diego it was a difficult beginning since they have similar personalities, in addition to Diego hurting Caillic's feelings by thinking that she was lying about her powers, which unleashed a great storm where they almost drowned. In the 1960s, their relationship became stronger, to the point that she suspects a certain attraction to Diego, which is why she tries to suppress it.
No.three/Allison Hargreeves
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They become very good friends quickly, Caillic never had girl friends who can sit and talk about silly and not so silly things so meeting Allison was a relief and they have very similar fashion styles. Aside from not being afraid to punch any idiot who wants to get over it, Caillic sees that Allison is still in love with Luther so he plays cupid
No.four/Klaus Hargreeves
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Of the men she immediately feels better with, Caillic sees beyond the hilarious and carefree personality. She can see the pain of being so misunderstood and feeling lost in a world full of idiots, they become best friends and listen to their sorrows accompanied by cheap rum and 80s music...Although he did not meet Ben alive, he does meet her through Klaus. Ben finds Caillic very greasy and pretty.
No.five/ Five Hargreeves
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He has mixed feelings with five, there are times when he wants to strangle him for being a bossy midget and there are times when he wants to hug him for being so adorable. But she has already been threatened 14 times for having been stabbed, Cinco knows that it is one of them thanks to the fact that she found out when she was working in the Commission.
No.seven/Vanya Hargreeves
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With Vanya it was a slow start, as he did not know her at her best (cough, cough, apocalypse) but as time went by she also found a good friend and sister like with Allison. Caillic and Vanya have many things in common (less fashionable) but they know what it is like not to have control of their powers and cause chaos so they try to help each other.

☂️Life in the 60s

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Caillic ends up living with a group of hippies who just want to end the war and bring peace to the world through marijuana and music. At first, Caillic liked being around these people and being peaceful and unconcerned about their powers or troublesome "brothers and sisters." But tired of being in marijuana limbo and not taking a decent shower. Five finds her and the Hargreeves brothers meet to stop the apocalypse (again)

*☂️ Love interest

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If we can define Caillic's love situation we can say that he is "embarrassing", he can be an outgoing person and even somewhat talkative but when it comes to talking to the boys he likes, he just wants to turn into an ostrich and bury his head. . She has only had one boyfriend in her life, which lasted three years (he was another painter like her) but it was a boring and empty relationship, so they broke up. She wants to forget about love and focus on her powers and her new family but she did not expect that the sick 60s, feelings would arise towards nothing less than the insensitive idiot of her "brother" ... Diego.

I hope you liked it, stay safe! xx