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A familiar is a magic animal that chooses you (or that you can choose), and helps you with your spells and magic, increasing your powers.

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Common familiars are: cats, snakes, owls, wolves, foxes.

↪ Salem from the chilling adventures of sabrina
↪ Edvige, Crookshanks from Harry Potter
↪ Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss

  • Use your blood to enforce you magic;
  • Take power of other people/animals by their blood or sacrifice;
  • Be able to control the blood;
  • Use blood to open secret places or caskets;
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↪ Bloodbending in Avatar: The Last Airbender
↪ Kell from A darker shade of magic

  • Enchant through music;
  • Enchant through the sight;
  • Enchant with food;
  • Enchant yourself to look younger/older.
  • Enchant a place;
  • Enchant animals to do what you want or to speak to them.
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↪ Merlin from Merlin (tv show)
↪ The Pied Piper

  • Poison someone;
  • Increase strenght or abilities;
  • Create love potions;
  • Create heling potions.
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(a pretty idea is create a worlds where, the things I quoted on these articles, can only be done with potions)
  • Teleportate only with portals;
  • Teleportate with magic items;
  • Teleportate everywhere in any situation.
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Other minor magics
  • Repair things
  • Have the magic ability to enchant the food in eatable;
  • Strengthen weapons;
  • Make clothes appear;
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  • Clean a place in a snap of fingers;
  • Open locked doors;
  • Change the color of clothes, objects, houses and more.
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