This article has been on my mind and heart for a long time. I hope many many read this for I believe the truth needs to be shared. I do not mean to be offensive, this is just my experience. I am writing this article because everyone deserves to know the truth and for you to be prepared if something like this happens to you. Thank you for reading, hearting and sharing this article and all my work. I appreciate you and your connection.

I joined We Heart It a couple months ago to replace an app I felt was brainwashing and just wasn't worth my time anymore. I wasn't seeing images or words that brought me joy or lifted my spirit. That is when WHI came into my life. I loved it and still do. The community, the amazing images I see daily, the words of wisdom, the people who fearlessly share their light and messages and the articles many people put tons of effort into. It is amazing and I am so grateful to be a part of this community.

A few weeks ago, I started seeing images blanked out and with a triangle stating the image was "Under Review" or "No Longer Available" or "Against Our Terms of Service". Images I'd hearted that I could no longer see and images that people spent their time creating or searching to post on their profile for all their followers to see. Just the other day, I hearted an image about how Starseeds and awakened people are spread out across the globe to help all parts of the Earth. This image went "Under Review". This is just a question: Does that seem like it should be reviewed?

Then recently it became even more real. I tried to post this picture with a camera on top and security system below it with the message, "We are being tracked more than we know. UNPLUG." It seemed like it went through, and then the next morning it had disappeared from my Truth collection that I posted it in. So, I tried to repost it and a white screen popped up saying the image was "Against Our Terms of Service". I am a persistent person and I wanted that message out, so I didn't give up.

That day, I edited the picture. Still the same camera picture on top and security system below it but I changed the message to say "Unplug". And then in the corner I put in super small font "Track-ing is Everywhere". Same thing happened, it looked like it went through and then in the morning it was pulled out of my collection again saying the image was "Against Our Terms of Service".

So, for a week I just let it go. I read their terms of service just to know what I'd done "wrong". Of course, I am not ridiculously naive. I know as a company they have to have Terms of Service. I respect and understand that. And I am sure some images probably do go against their Terms of Service. But images like the one I was trying to put up, images about Starseeds or about straight up truth seems too far and simply ridiculous.

Then a few days ago I decided to try again. My mission on this planet is to spread as much truth, love and light as I can so I wasn't going to give up. This is a spiritual war and every bit of truth that can be shared must be shared. And to be honest, I was inspired by others I was seeing on WHI spreading truth no matter if their image went "Under Review" or not. Also, the fact that it got pulled down twice corroborated my message. We are being tracked more than we know.

So, I kept the same picture (camera on top, security system below it) and just simply said "UNPLUG". I was convinced it would work this time, it had too. I posted a picture a long time ago saying "Unplug yourself from the matrix we live in". That went through and went to the discover feed so I thought just saying "UNPLUG" should be fine.

Nope. I was proven wrong. A white screen popped up and went one step further "Abusive Image. Image was against our terms of service". Abusive image? Are you kidding me? I was shocked. Absolutely shocked. I know censorship is a real thing but on a smaller platform and one that seems to support all was just alarming to me. Don't get me wrong, I love WHI. It is a beautiful app with so much incredible knowledge, beauty and uplifting content. But come on, just come on.

I won't give up. This article is my way of saying, "I see you. I am not giving up. I will persist. I will win." Again, my only intention with this article is to spread truth. I was not aware this could happen and I want to prepare you. I love WHI and am not trying to be rude or offensive. This is purely my experience. We must unite, connect, spread love, light and truth and to seek all truth no matter how painful it might be to see it. I sincerely hope this article helps you. Truth will always prevail, always. Thank you for reading this and for your connection. I will forever be grateful to all the support, hearts, reactions, and love I've received on this app. It means more to me than you could know. To know that my work has touched even one soul means the world to me. I will continue to live and speak my truth fearlessly. -ACE 💗