This emergency kit is basically to give you ideas of things that might help you feel a little better on those bad days. And by bad days I mean not only the days when you feel sad, but also a day when you feel mentally tired, have anxiety, sadness, demotivation, lack of energy, etc. Any situation that makes you not feel like getting up in the morning.
Surely you have heard about self-care, it is a very famous topic nowadays, however, we often confuse it with that it deals with skin masks, bathing with bubbles in the tub or buying something expensive. The reality of self-care, yes, it could be all that too, but its true goal is to encourage you to give yourself time to do things that make you feel good, such as reading a book or even taking a nap. Well, in this bad day emergency kit we are going to focus on that.

1-. Music that relaxes you: find a playlist with music that inspires you, or simply helps you relax, such as a list of piano melodies, Celtic music, music for meditation, covers, etc. Whatever helps you to create a calm environment.

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2-. A hot drink: it will help you increase that feeling of comfort. It can be a cup of hot chocolate, a herbal tea or flavored tea, whatever you prefer (hopefully not coffee, as it is a natural stimulant, and what we are looking for here is to relax).

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3-. Going out: taking a walk to enjoy nature is also a great idea, even if you don't feel like it. It will help you focus your thoughts on something else, or maybe even clarify them a bit. Taking a walk somewhere or just sitting in the garden to enjoy the sun or the wind is something that will surely help you.

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4-. Read: If you like reading this would be a good time to turn to books. Find your favorite book and read it, or find a new one that excites you, it doesn't matter. Reading will help you disconnect your mind and give it a break from being focused on something else.

5-. Meditate: This is also a trend today. Have you heard of the many benefits of meditation? One of them is that it reduces stress levels and allows ordering the mind when it is collapsed with thoughts. Even if it's only five minutes, meditating is always a good idea.

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6-. Writing: Writing what you think or feel is good therapy, it helps you to organize your thoughts, to vent and reflect on what is happening to you. Anyway, you can replace it with painting, playing an instrument, singing, or whatever helps you.

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7-. Movement: If you don't feel like exercising, it doesn't matter, but try at least a little bit of stretching. Yoga helps you relax too, it relieves the tensions of the body that accumulate from the same stress.

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8-. Seeing nice things: Human beings are very visual and, even if we don't take it into account, everything we see affects us, so let's use this to our advantage. How about watching a movie that you like? And an inspiring or motivating movie that transmits positive emotions to you? I recommend 100% "Wild", surely you like it.

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9-. And two extras, which would be: reading phrases that inspire you, convey motivation and desire to finish the day and try again the next day, and, finally, a nap. Who doesn't like to sleep? Sometimes all we need is to rest and recharge. Try it!