Hi everyone! Today I'm gonna present you three amazing female writers who are not very famous, unfortunately...

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♕ Octavia Butler (1947-2006)

✩ Her biography

Octavia E. Butler, the daughter of a servant and a shoe shiner, was a pioneer in science fiction. Her novels and short stories feature black heroines and talk about the balance of power between genders, races and species.

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✩ Her most famous books

- Kindred: Dana, an African-American woman, is suddenly and inexplicably wrenched through time into antebellum Maryland. After saving a drowning white boy there, she finds herself staring into the barrel of a shotgun and is transported back to the present just in time to save her life. During numerous such time-defying episodes with the same young man, she realizes the challenge she’s been given... (goodreads)

- Wild Seed: Doro is an entity who changes bodies like clothes, killing his hosts by reflex or design. He fears no one until he meets Anyanwu. Anyanwu is a shapeshifter who can absorb bullets and heal with a kiss and savage anyone who threatens her. She fears no one until she meets Doro. Together they weave a pattern of destiny (from Africa to the New World) unimaginable to mortals. (goodreads)

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- Parable of the Sower: In 2025, with the world descending into madness and anarchy, one woman begins a fateful journey toward a better future.

♕ Anne Carson (1950- )

✩ Her biography

Her prolific production of poems and essays is made up of a complex web of images, tributes to his loved ones, of desire and love, religious practices and literary references.

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✩ Her most famous books

- Autobiography of Red: Geryon, a young boy who is also a winged red monster, reveals the volcanic terrain of his fragile, tormented soul in an autobiography he begins at the age of five. As he grows older, Geryon escapes his abusive brother and affectionate but ineffectual mother, finding solace behind the lens of his camera and in the arms of a young man named Herakles, a cavalier drifter who leaves him at the peak of infatuation. When Herakles reappears years later, Geryon confronts again the pain of his desire and embarks on a journey that will unleash his creative imagination to its fullest extent.

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- Eros the Bittersweet: A book about love as seen by the ancients, Eros is Anne Carson's exploration of the concept of "eros" in both classical philosophy and literature.

♕ Leslie Marmon Silko (1948- )

✩ Her biography

Pueblo, Mexican, European and Cherokee bloods flow through Leslie Marmon Silko's veins. Silko's books talk about the tensions between the American Southwest communities.

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✩ Her most famous books

- Ceremony: Set in the insular world of the Laguna Pueblo Reservation but resonating far beyond, Leslie Marmon Silko's novel tells the story of Tayo, an army veteran of mixed ancestry who returns to the reservation, scarred by his experience as a prisoner of the Japanese. Only by immersing himself in the Indian past and its traditions can he begin to regain the peace that was taken from him.

- Storyteller: A collection of stories focuses on contemporary Native American concerns--white injustice, the fragmenting of the Indian community, and the loss of tribal identity--and recalls Indian legends and tribal stories.

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Written by @lotta1f for the Tenth Muse Writers Team