Happy Friday!

As you may recall, a few weeks ago I did an article featuring some poetry and accompanying moodboards. I had a lot of fun putting that together, so I thought I'd do another article like that but with my own poems!

The following are all poems that I've written over the past year or so. As you'll notice, the first two poems present a much different feeling/mood than the last two. This is a juxtaposition that I've loved exploring over the past several months; they may seem conflicting, but I think they just go to show the complexity of the human mind and how suddenly our emotions can shift...



colour, colourful, and countryside image bees, food, and honey image aesthetic, brazil, and grunge image bee, aesthetic, and yellow image
all i wanna do is be with
the flowers
and the sunbeams
and the sweet grasses
all i wanna do is collect pollen
for my honeycomb
so you can eat it
when you're home
but no one ever thinks of that
all they think of is
my stinger
and how anxious it makes them


brunette, garden, and soil image Image removed evening, gloomy, and green image closeup, face, and flowers image
the heat strokes my temple
presses against my throat
and i remember that it’s okay to plant
flowers for the boy who thrills me
it’s okay to grow
sugar for his coffee and
pine trees for his bed
it’s okay to look at you and
feel sweet about you

loving me means braving the wolves

thorns image wolf, teeth, and theme image flowers, nature, and indie image run, grunge, and spirit image
do you feel them?
branches etching runes
ragged red
around your ankles
don’t worry
they’re just teeth
you’ll find me
amid the dewbuds
weaving dreams and visions
to adorn your head
you must run
until i can reach you

when the rook leaves you for dead

beautiful, blood, and moon image Queen, crown, and art image coconut, honey, and orange image brown, chess, and chessboard image
if you tugged harder,
maybe i’d be quelled;
a livid moon
simmering beneath kasha skin.
but for now
i prevail, your Queen
of the last stanza, Queen
of the bloodorange sun…
oh and by the way — Checkmate.

Hope you all enjoyed my poetry! Thanks for reading!

Be bold, be brilliant.

This article was written by @wearingsunlight for the Tenth Muse Writers Team.
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