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You have probably not heard of me but anyway... My name is Madelene and you can find me on my page @Madelenes_life I am going to upload some really cool stuff there so check it out.

I`m going to tell you about my childhood summers and as I am Swedish most of my summer has been spent there. Imagine green grass, cold but still warm so you wear a cardigan over your new summer dress. The sun never going down.... and you are in a Swedish mood for reading this article.

Summer 2009.
I was seven years old and I spent most of my summer in my hometown. My dad was in a play which meant most of my days where spent at the theatre. That is how my interest in acting started. Hearing the audience applause. The tension in the cast before every show. It was magnificent. I went to Greece this summer for one week with my mom and sister to visit my relatives. The weather, the food and the people I can see myself living there in the future. So many friends were made and this summer was the beginning of a new life.

Summer 2013.
My aunt got married in Hawaii and it was my first (and so far only) trip to the U.S. First a couple of days in New York leading to shopping, sightseeing and I remember seeing a vulnerable town. A town in sadness but still going strong. 10 house later we arrived. to Honolulu and long days at the beach waiting. Hawaii was something else. It was as going into an alternate universe where there where no misery. I would say fake. I good hiding town. After one month away I was home and started preparing for school.

Summer 2018.
The summer before starting Highschool was loooooong. It felt like it would never end. Started with a trip to Russia to see Sweden playing in the World Cup. After a delighted result at the group games, I was heading home because the next day a bus went to Italy. I went with a music thing I'm in, so it became a vacay with friends. We did not drink or anything like that but we still had a lot of fun. If I had not been with my friends I would have been bored to death. Because this was like coming to a warm tourist place. I was expecting a lot more Italian culture but I only got It one day when we went to Venice. Well, home I was exhausted and spent the rest of the summer in my hometown nervous of starting high school.

Summer 2020.
This is my last summer before finishing high school and to be honest. I am really freaked about it. This summer was supposed to be so much fun but I think we all know what happened. The only thing that has been a positive at burst of this pandemic is me taking care of my sister dog and becoming close with my friends. This has been a weird summer. So weird that I have been missing school.

That is all hope you guys have the best summer and remember to check out my page!!! xoxo Madelene.

_This article was written by @Madelenes_life on the We Heart It Gazette Team as part of the SEASON's project._